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Search Engine Secrets

"How Spamdexers Achieve Higher Search Engine Placement and Positions"

Overview of Search Engine Spamdexing

Spamdexers spoof or trick the search engine frequently to achieve higher search engine positions and placements. This page is a protest by Webmaster T who is fed up with Spamdexers! The Page of Shame is his way of alerting fellow Webmasters, Netizens and the Spamdexers Clients of who the perpetrators of these heinous activities are! IWB regularly receives mail from readers of our Search Engine Tutorials wondering what to do to get their clients and personal pages to place above the Spamdexers. In the past I have sympathized with them and suggested reporting offenders to the engines, helped them to optimize their pages or told them how the spammer did it. The later I don't like to do out of fear the frustrated party will do the same thing.

Not all but most of the companies that guarantee placement either plan to cheat the customer or spam the engine. Guaranteeing search engine placement position is like predicting the weather there are just too many variables to absolutely guarantee anything. Every article and piece of legitimate information I've read stresses this. There are no secret methods or magic bullets to trick the engines because search engines regularly change the way they determine placement to prevent this.

A post in my favorite list got me to thinking how to combat this. The recent protest at Zd Net and their success in getting the big boys to get their browser act together gave me an idea that I hope will help the search engines to clean up their act as well. A boycott of the engines is useless and like my Grandaddy used to say "that's like cuttin' off your nose despite your face" or something like that.

Here's how I would like to handle this:

  1. A site will be nominated and posted on a listserv which any member can second then the offender will be notified of his conviction by the spamdex police.
  2. They will have a week to clean it up and re-submit and remove the offending listing from the search engines.
  3. After a week the offender will be reported to the search engines. The search engines will have a month to act or they will be added to the list as an accomplice to the activity

Here are two resources outlining some methods used by Spamdexers: Eric Ward wrote this great article and I'm posting it here to say I don't really consider myself an expert. A reader mailed me the other day(kept referring to me as an expert, when I consider myself a student) saying the information here is useless and the only way to ensure a top spot is to use dubious tactics of which I will not even comment on.

Eric has eloquently explained why you shouldn't use them. Build your site using T's suggested methods and do monthly, or even better weekly updates to your site. Keep updating your submissions, each time fine tuning the title and keywords etc. until you reach your goal. REMEMBER T's famous words "If you can't beat 'em link to 'em!"

Web Week An article on spamdexing and other tricks to get high ratings or positions on search engines. This article is an outline of some of the dubious methods that warrant admission! Remember folks if you can't see it it's SPAMDEXING. You can check the offenders code using this great tool provided by Northern Webs.
NorthernWebs Tutorial is also a favorite of mine. This is a great resource and should be subscribed to and used to check and generate keywords for your own pages.

Here are two forms of spamming not mentioned that I feel are spamdexing but you may or may not agree.

  • The use of several titles, I've seen as many as seven!
  • Keywords in <!--Comments-->

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