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Internet Marketing

"References and Resources for Internet Marketing"

This page is designed to act as a jump point to specific information of interest to internet marketers. All topics are targeted links to allow you to find the references and resources you want quickly and easily.

All aspects of Internet marketing are covered to assist you in selling your products and services.

Webmaster Ts' Reviewed Marketing 
Resources & References

T's Web Site Marketing Tutorials

Website Content & Planning

The Style and Content Tutorials 
The tutorial site is a good start if you're new to website design and development. These tutorials are mainly a set of do's and don'ts. A well designed site with compelling content is the first step to Internet marketing success. Even if you re having another firm do this having some knowledge about what has been found to be effective is an excellent idea. 

Phase2: Building The Site Using The Worksheet

Responsible Email Marketing
Articles and resources for email management and marketing. Where Internet Marketing is concerned, responsible email marketing, in particular Ezine/Newsletters, have proven to be the real means to hitting a homerun.

Website Integration

A series of articles designed to give an overview of developing and integrating your website into your corporate business. Each article deals with a range of topics everything from who should manage the project, choosing a design or integration consultant to how to get the most from an intial web presence.

Usable Functional Sites That Meet Your Goals
Overview of Internet Integration and website design and development. This area of the site works hand in hand with the "Choosing Website Goals" worksheet. The accompanying articles discuss ways to implement your goals and expected benefits of the strategy.
Choosing a Web Project Leader
Discusses IICs (Internet Integration Consultants), choosing who from within the company should head the project or how to determine if an outside contractor is suitable to reach your goals.
How to Make a Web Presence Pay
A discussion of the benefits Internet Solutions can provide.

Webmaster Ts' Reviewed Marketing 
Resources & References

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