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Award Submission Page

Goals of the Award

We are going to do our best to associate having Most Favored Status with sites with superior content. The topics for consideration are tutorials, html references, sites that cater to web page development such as script archives, graphic archives and sites dedicated to web site promotion and marketing products on the internet.


  1. The award is given for display on sites of authors that have contributed articles, scripts or tips to the ezine.
  2. Sites that are rich in content related to Marketing and Promotion, HTML References or Tutorials.
  3. Sites featured in the e-zine.
  4. Featured authors.

All winners will be included in the monthly newsletter and ezine bulletin. All sites listed will be given permanent links on Webmaster Ts' Page of Fame! Along with the link will be a brief description of your site and your contribution to the ezine if applicable.

However, at present we are not taking submissions

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