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Internet Programming

References, Resources &Scripts 

One of the sister sites we plan to add is
"JustAnotherHacker.com". No, not that kind of hacker! A hacker is how many Perl programmers refer to themselves. What you would call a hacker are really CRACKERS. This site will feature a meta engine collecting links off of all the sites I've found following my teachers credo. 

"A good Programmer is a lazy programmer."
Mark Evelyn DMS 1998

Simply put, a good programmer starts every script by first examining what's been done and can be reused or improved on. 

I have many new resources for scripts and references for learning the languages I have been studying. In no particular order they would be Perl, JavaScript, Java, VBScript (Asp programming), a touch of C (very helpful when you move to intermediate Perl) and SQL (database programming). C++, VB, PHP and Python will also be added to the new site. ColdFusion may be added but the jury is still out on that one.

This page will be growing daily as I have a lot of links and book marks collected. At present only the links that were already on the site have been added to the database. 

Webmaster T's Reviewed Internet Scripting 
Resources and References

CGI & Perl Scripts

First off Perl isn't CGI. The Common Gateway Interface can be used by any application or programming language. In the early days most CGI's were written in C or C++ and compiled into the server. Extremely risky! If the program failed it had catastrophic consequences! 

Perl, my personal favorite (however, much of the work we're doing presently is ASP) and many of the languages being used now are not compiled into the server. Instead they are interpreted languages which means the interpreter handles the failure, kills the script/program, and dies gracefully.

Matts' Script Archive
This is a well known script site among authors on the net! For this reason there is a lot of support for them so these scripts are good for people just learning Perl. Using these scripts on a live site isn't a good idea! There are many security holes that are well known. These holes make the whole server vulnerable to CRACKERS. Matt seldom or never uses "use strict" which ensures that memory is used and released properly. Having said that here's what is available:
Guestbook This guest book is used by a lot of sites.
Free for All links Adds a link to your site.
www Board Threaded www discussion board. This script in particular has well known security holes.
Text Counter Text Counter need I say more
Counter Counter same thing need I say more.
Cookie Lib Does lots of things using pertinent client state HTTP Cookies.
SSi Random Image Displayer Displays random Images.
Search Search your site using the title tags.
Random Image Display Displays random Images.
Random Links Makes random links.
Random Text Randomly chooses one phrase from a group of phrases requires server side includes.
Text Clock A Text Clock
Credit Card Verifier Verifies Credit Card numbers based on mod 10 Algorithms.
Matts' Mail List Matts' mail list gives you more information about cgis and help to get the scripts running.

Recommended Resources for CGI scripts

CGI Resources.com
A script engine with many resources, scripts and everything Perl. I have downloaded some of the freebies but most are of dubious quality.

Perl & CGI Resources & References

Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
CPAN is the first stop for learning the Perl language and CGI everything you need is right here including PERL for UNIX!
download PERL for Windows here! There is a free download but I recommend the Perl resources Kit for for Win32. An excellent package with full documentation in print and HTML formats. Also included is an excellent debugger and package manager to track updates of modules. Activestate is also adding Perl to the languages supported in VisualStudio 7.0 so I may finally have found that elusive Perl IDE I've been wishing for on the windows platform.
Lincoln D. Stein is the brilliant programmer who authored the CGI.pm module. There are excellent scripts and examples available from this link. If you are ready to start working with Perl Modules this is the one to learn first!
Perl CGI Programming FAQ
Great jump off spot to lots of other sites covering this subject.
CGI, Javascript and Database Resources
Same author as Javascript for Non Programmers. Rob's tutorials are not techie so they are easy to follow and learn from. This site has won our award since we were last here there has also been a great database programming application added and a Map Builder based on Googles' Map API.


Java Resources, References & Developer Kits

Many of these sites have scripts as well.

Cafe au Lait
This is the personal site of one of the leading authors on this subject. Almost anything you could think of resource wise is here.
Java World
Java Worlds resource page I receive their newsletter it's usually filled with neat tips tricks and resources.
There's an online tutorial, with a built-in option to download as one zip file. There is also a free developers kit with everything you need to start programming Java Applets and applications.



The JavaScript Source
Lots of useful scripts utilizing a great design for easy navigation and finding the JavaScripts available by category and uses. This site is one of "Webmaster Ts' Most Favored Site Status" award winner.
JavaScript Planet
Over 250 scripts at this site in almost every category you can think of! First Winner of the "WOD" Most Favored Status. There are scripts added constantly. If you use a lot of these resources I would suggest the update newsletter available at the site.

Active Server Pages

ASP Resources & References

Quite a bit of the contract work I'm doing now is ASP related. I can't say I'm particularly fond of VBScript but a jobs a job!;) All of these resources are hybrids as well with lots of scripts available mainly in the form of tutorials.
The main page for the IIS server which is important if you want to use ASP. Well, there is a version of ASP for Unix but lets not go down that path.
15 Seconds
is the biggest IIS and ASP development resource in the world. With 3733 pages and growing there's lots to see and do. Some excellent IIS server information and utilities.

Server Info and Tools

Server Side Includes

Also commonly referred to as SSI. Extremely easy to do in FrontPage because this is built into the FP extensions. Every page on this site uses them to add the header and footer to the page. If you look in the url locator you'll see the .shtml file extension as all of the index and resource pages are using SSI to add the data to the page. This must be set up on the server to work. My brother tells me it is childs play but that isn't exactly my bag. Unix servers, on the otherhand, are much tougher from what I understand. Most of these sites are tutorials on using SSI with some server stuff included.
Apache specific but useful nonetheless with some code examples for using XSSI for including last date modified etc.

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