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Web Site Design and Development

Web Site Development Resources and References

Webmasters References, Resources and Tools

At one time this was the only index on the site with linked pages to references and resources for the topics listed in the Related Directories heading. As the page grew I have added new directories. Many webmasters have this page bookmarked so the related links area is just a convenience for them. 

Use this link to jump to the information not contained in the Related Directories heading.

Related Directories:

Almost all of the directories below have articles and tools developed or written by Da' Tmeister. The references and resources have all been reviewed before they are added to the database so in a sense this is a miniature version of yahoo! I seldom if ever add links to sites that have solicited them. I am adding a Reciprocal Link program to the site (or may have added by the time you read this), however at this time it is still in development.

Search Engine Placement Index:
References, resources and tools for optimizing your site rankings on search engines. This index will soon have prototypes of programs in development for analyzing, monitoring and reporting search engine positions.

Email Directory:
This entire directory will be helpful in promoting your site in discussion lists, newsgroups and publishing your own ezine/newsletter. 

Site Development & Style & Content Tutorials:
Not a lot here but there are a few articles that may be of interest to novice developers. The integration articles and tools may be helpful as well.

References and resources for HTML. I will be adding a search program that will search the HTML documentation for keywords.

Internet Scripting: 
About two and a half years ago I started a journey that is the primary reason this site has not been updated. It started with a course on internet scripting and from there I have been honing my programming skills. 

My new found knowledge has enabled me to build a  database driven site and add functionality for newsletter publishing and distribution. Most of the 100 or so programming links I have will soon be in this index. For now it is mainly what used to be on the HTML page under CGI, java etc. 

The promotion index has almost everything you need to promote a website. Many of the new tools in development will be automating or tracking activities covered in the index.

Marketing references and resources. 

Webmaster T's Development Articles

How Do I Make My Site Pay Off
Tips for web integration and making/saving money without a single sale.
Site developer Discusses Cross browser Compatibility, Dhtml and open standards
One of T's diatribes about browsers and compatibility.

Webmaster T's Reviewed Resources and References

Internet Law

The only site on this subject that didn't put me to sleep! A tutorial that walks you through the copyright procedure (US International to come) step by step with links to the appropriate form for your type of copyright.
Ivan Hoffman Attorney at Law
Ivan has written some informative articles on contracts, copyright and other information useful to web publishers and authors. A definite must for all developers!!
Brad Templeton
Brad has written two good articles. One on copyright and one on copyright myths. Both are very useful.
Lots of information on intellectual property and cyber-publishing law.
HWG Legal Document Archive
There are a couple of sample contracts and some information on Digital Copyright.
EFF Intellectual Property and Copyright
A large number of articles on intellectual property and copyrights.
Gareth's Contract
A member of a list I receive posted this contract for developers to use.
This is the best site for web design contracts that I have seen, if you know a better one drop me a line.

Web Development Ezines/Newsletters

John Labovitz's E-zine List
Jim Wilson passed this one along in the Virtual Promote Gazette and suggested that marketers and promoters that don't watch these and their competitors sites is missing the boat on loads of useful information. As usual he's right on!!
Web Techniques
An e-zine covering different aspects of web site design.
One of my favorites! I suggest getting the headlines from their e-mail service, saves a lot of time.
Webmaster Magazine
Lots of good stuff.
Java World
An excellent zine on java and is another that you can get the headlines sent to you by e-mail.
iWorld Magazine
Great online magazine. Internet headlines and related articles.

Free Webmaster Resources

Zunas' Free Stuff
Loads of free doo-dadds and some good worthwhile stuff.
A long list of freebies available on the net. Not exactly doo-dadds but stuff like free fax services, e-mail re-mailer which is totally anonymous and can't be traced. Great for posts to Usenet groups
CGI Free
A free HTML and CGI editor, some free scripts.
Para chat
You can add chat to your web page using this script only drawback is it only runs on java enabled browsers. No server required or special programs to download.

Web site Testing

Browser Stats and Simulation

A site for downloads and tips about different browsers. Subscribe to the newsletter it's a great way to stay on top of browser releases and developers tips.
NavRoad Offline Browser
Great for showing work to a client or for quickly browsing a number of sites offline.
Webmonkey Browser Kit
Information on what different browsers support.
Web Page Backward Compatability Viewer
Excellent for checking what a page looks like in older browsers.
Free Loader
The best of the offline site browsers and to boot it's freeware.


Net Mechanic
This site provides a number of validation and tools to test your page before publishing.
Doctor HTML
The doctor is a great place to do several things at once and get an idea of how your page will load. Site can also be used to identify broken links!!
This site provides many checkers to validate code and check for accessability.

Color Checkers and Web Palette

Use this online service to check your images for file size and reducing the monsters.
Great for checking the colors when using a tiled image for a background.

Spell Checkers and Other Testing Tools

FreeCode has lots of free source code for some neat apps for maintaining and building web sites.

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