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Web Site Design and Development

"Basic and Advanced Tutorials"

Basic and Advanced Html & Style and Content Tutorials

I have compiled some of my favorite web site design and development tutorials and added my .02 cents worth.

Some of these resources are more advanced so they have been divided into Basic HTML, Advanced HTML and Style and Content tutorials. I like them all for different reasons, see if you can figure out why as you go.

They aren't all cut and dry. Some authors on the net are touting methods that aren't exactly 3.2 compliant. What I mean exactly is their methods don't validate to the 3.2 standard, or for that matter, any standard known to man!

You may notice that the pages contained in this site will vary in style and layout. I originally thought about changing them all to a uniform look but decided to leave them in their original state to illustrate to new designers how their style will evolve.

This is not a good example of how a good site should look!! It does suit it's purpose and illustrates that all rules are not hard and fast. If you are going to deviate from them have a good reason and let the netizen know.

Webmaster Ts Style and Content Tutorials

Phase1: Deciding the Style and Content of a Site

Style and Content Tutorial Pt I
"The three C's of Website design. Webmaster T discusses content and style considerations for commercial and personal sites.
Webmaster T discusses the pros and cons of different styles of design philosophy.
Another Style and Content tutorial. Webmaster T discusses animatedgifbackgrounditis, statusbar scrollerosis and other common maladies found only to affect web designers.

HTML and Development Techniques


Web site Navigation
Webmaster T's short tutorial with tips for designing site architecture and navigation.
Developing Web site Navigation Interfaces Around Usability
A tutorial and discussion of web site usability and navigation interfaces.
Making a Left Border or Margin
Webmaster T's html tutorial on making the left hand boder or margin. This tutorial discusses techniques for using background images, table structure and a short discussion of browser offset.
Indenting Margins and Paragraphs
An early tutorial on indenting paragraphs and borders. There was a time when paragraph indextation was an issue among some designers. stylesheets have made it real easy but you still seldom see indented paragraphs.

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