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Basic and Advanced HTML Primer

Basic and Advanced HTML
References and Resources Guide

New Html resources references and tutorials will be added regularly so bookmark this HTML references and resources guide.

All of the HTML references and tutorials I have used to learn what little I know are listed here. These sure helped me, they'll do the same for you. In some categories there is a lot of information so I have added some comments to give you an idea of what is at each site.

There used to be a fair collection of programming resources and scripts for CGI, ASP, JavaScript etc. They have now got their own page and only DHTML resources remain here.

Webmaster T's Reviewed HTML 
Resources and References

HTML Archives and References

Introduction to HTML and URLs
Take a look, this is a good place to start. The author is promoting a book and most of the information is contained in the book. Excellent information on document types.
Microsofts' MSDN Online
This is the site that replaced the old site builders network. If you join MSDN this page can be personalized and makes a great home bookmark if you use any MS technologies.
Web Design Group
Great reference for HTML standards and number of tools to validate HTML and style sheets.
This is the organization that sets the different standards for documents. It is a storehouse of knowledge for all information about the all html standards both proposed and current.

Basic HTML


Special Characters in HTML
Lists all special tags. Gives a couple of examples with good ways to put these to good use.


HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
Good descriptions of all the elements permitted in documents. It's kind of dated, it's from the pre 3.0 days standard but these haven't changed much.
The Useful URLs Page at the HTML Writers Guild
One of the best jump stations on the net!! Covers everything from business to design.

Advanced HTML


Good descriptions of table attributes and it generates tables for MAC users.


Netscape Frames
Here is another one geared more to newbies.
Produces a frameset from a form. That's all folks, these things are the scourge of the net and I refuse to be party to this. Do you like people to bookmark your site? Forget it with these things!!!

Next Generation Html 4.0 Standard

Info on the New Standard

Outline of the new standard. Must reading!!
This documents the changes to the current 3.2 standard. A few changes will render some attributes and elements useless as they are being dropped from the standard. If you don't want to have to go back and replace them it is best to know which will be dropped and start working around them now. One of them is the popular center tag. *note use <DIV ALIGN="CENTER"><CENTER>* This will keep you up to date and will work in older browsers that don't support DIV. They will ignore the tag they don't support.

DHTML & Style Sheets

Lots of jumps to specific articles on the user interface, CSS and Dynamic HTML.
Web Design Group
A thorough look at CSS and its uses.
More links but this has a good style and sheet that shows you what you can do and gives you an idea of how to implement a full complicated css document.
This is a great source for cross browser compatabile DHTML featuring many scripts and types.

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