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Email Marketing Overview

Email is far and away the most important tool available to market and promote web sites and products.  Success can literally be traced to effective management and use of email.

You'll notice when I refer to mail clients you don't see any of the browsers included.   These simply aren't robust enough or capable of doing the job required for online marketing. 

If you plan to use any of the methods on this page to market your business start by getting a good client either eudora or pegasus.

Think about your own web site promotion, marketing and product promotion and the role that email plays in each process.  All of these require  good use and   management of email to be effective.

This site is meant to be a reference and resource center to carry out these activities.   Whether it be marketing using newsletters, newsletter development, promotion  or management of your lists you'll find it here somewhere. If not ask and we'll see what we can do.

Participation in newsgroups and private discussion lists are an excellent means of promoting products and increasing web site traffic so of course we've got lots of tutorials available on and off the site.

The creation of either a moderated or unmoderated listserv or a newsletter are excellent ways to promote your products and services and web site so we have listed some resources to manage and promote these.


In the past we have written several tutorials for the various indexes on the site however, on this index we have gone to experts that have been kind enough to contribute to this site.

The following articles are excellent and are very helpful listing resources, strategies and methods for implementing them.  Following each article you'll find contact info and where possible links to the authors' site. Please have a look at them they are well worth the trip!

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Resources & References

Paul Myers

Paul Myers is the moderator of misc.business.moderated and the MicroBusiness Discussion List. Paul also has a web site called talkbiz.com.   The link goes to a page where you can subscribe to an excellent newsletter of the same name.

Email Marketing in Newsgroups via Advertising
Who better to give a tutorial on newsgroup participation and marketing in newsgroups then the moderator of a group on business.

"Free Discussion Lists From Your Own PC"
This is how I originally became associated with Paul in his sig he was offering this tutorial.  This is a truly amazing amazing article on creating and managing newsletters, listservs and discussion groups both moderated and unmoderated. 

This article also provides great information for general management of large volumes of email,  a problem we'd all like to have to deal with!

Terry Williams

Terry supplied all the email marketing tip articles.  I have a very good online relationship with Terry and respect his work immensely. 

The IMI newsletter is great and the online seminars he puts on are jewels to be stored.  As a matter of fact, most of the articles in some way or another came via Terry's first seminar.

Secrets To A Successful Email Marketing Campaign
Just like the title says Terry provides lots of tips to how to market online.  This is sort of an overview and the following articles are more detailed.

"Tracking Your Online Marketing Results"
The Key To Producing Results

Tracking your advertising and email is instrumental in a successful online campaign!

"Email Marketing Via Autoresponders"
Autoresponders are to email what autopilots are to an airplane.  For tracking and follow-up they are an outstanding tool.

"Ezine Advertising" Low Cost, Highly Targeted Mediums That Produce Results
Some tips for finding, placing and tracking ezine advertising.

Bob Leduc

How to find the Best List for Your Offer
Bob Leduc has used direct mail with great success in the past.  I added a few comments to the end on how to apply this to the net .

Webmaster Ts' Reviewed Email 
Resources & References

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