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Responsible Email Marketing

These references and resources provide information about email clients, list hosting, participation and marketing, newsletter promotion and newsgroup participation and marketing.

Webmaster T's Reviewed Resources and References:

Free Email Addresses

Another fine resource provided by Edwin Hayward. Over 1100 places to get free email addresses. This site is well thought out making it easy to find exactly what you require from these services.

Spam Information

Great site with links to spam filters and information on spam and its consequences.
This is a different view on UCE that I do agree with to some extent. Most of the antispammers would like to see the internet return to the old pre-commerce days of the net.

Lists and Ezine/Newsletters Info

Finding Optin Lists

List Exchange
Information on lists and how to promote them. Also a good list of lists indexed into categories. This is also a good place to promote a newsletter.
The Liszt
A comprehensive list of mailing lists that is searchable.
A good list of mail lists that are good for promotion.
A list of opt-in lists which are the only real way to find good prospects for marketing.
Post Master Direct
I get some advertising email from this organization they are a great resource for opt-in lists.
I'm not familiar with them but there was a good recommendation in another list.
Direct e-mail advertising without spamming!
30,000 lists are listed including a search engine and a great utility that enables you to participate anonymously. This is a great way to participate if you don't have or can't get a free account to participate in newsgroups.
If you're looking for niche newsgroups to work this is one of the best search facilities available.

List Hosting

Web Tech
A complete tutorial on how to create a mail list. Excellent tutorial because the way it is set up it is almost totally automated with a minimum of CGI programming. Uses the mail program to full advantage.
L-Soft International
This one is a free host however, you must qualify.
A totally free mailing list center. If you use one of these freehosts be sure to stay on top of your list management. In othern words think seriously about backing up your list of subs.
Good article about listserv hosting options and participation. Follow some of the suggested links for some good information on various hosting software such as majordomo.

Ezine Promotion

They will accept announcements of new E-mail mailing lists which are sent to new-list@LISTSERV.NODAK.EDU as long as they conform to the criteria.
The link is tosubscribe to Net-Happenings . Include the words "subscribe net-happenings" in the message area. An example of the proper format for submissions to NET-HAPPENINGS follows in reply to your mail.
John Labovitz's E-zine List
Jim Wilson passed this one along in the Virtual Promote Gazette and suggested that marketers and promoters that don't watch these and their competitors sites is missing the boat on loads of useful information. As usual he's right on!!
List City
Lots of listings and a service for finding people to swap ads with

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