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Webmaster T is going to begin the cleanup on the sites by indexing the slobalserve site into a sub-domain for permanent archiving. The end of an era :(........... and the foot print grows.

The indexed pages in the sub-domain he's going to use the indexing service on IIS to put an interface to the index. Eventually the spider will follow the links there and remove the dead urls presently on the site. Step 2 will be the indexing of the pages he reviewed. The descriptions will continue to be that original review.

He's going to start the dismantling of his cherished "WOD". Not an easy task. "Should it stay or should it go now! If it goes there's gonna be trouble, if it stays it's gonna be double!" and that about sums that up! Many people and memories being put away for a new clean start.

This is the page where the  advanced search interface will be hosted. Use the links below to find old articles and resources. for now!  Enjoy!!

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