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Internet Marketing

"References and Resources for Internet Marketing"

This page is designed to act as a jump point to specific information of interest to Internet Marketers. All  links are to references and resources you will find useful for managing an Internet business.

Webmaster Ts' Reviewed Resources and References

General Internet Marketing Information

This is one of the best Canadian business sites I've come across, other than perhaps Strategis but it's so large it is very tough to find good information.
Paul Myers is the driving force behind Talk Biz a site with many marketing articles provided by some of the best marketing minds on the net. Subscribe to Paul's newsletter you won't be disappointed!
How To Pick Your Web Contractor
This article by Cross World.Com is an excellent article on picking a web contractor or designer.
This outlines the two different strategies that can be used to choose a firm to develop a large website. I would like to add that this is also a good strategy for small sites as well. I lean towards a best of breed strategy with a project manager knowledgeable enough to pick the best of breed. This, IMHO also provides savings in the overall costs.
Net Marketing
An article for customers to use for an RFP (Request For Proposal). This will give a developer an idea of what you require and the budget you have.
Soft For Net
Excellent resource for net marketers with many links to a number of pertinent subjects.
Wilson Web.Com
Loads of links to marketing resources and great articles by Dr. Ralph Wilson.
Idea Site for Business
Lots of ideas and help at this site.
A great place for a variety of marketing strategies and marketing resources.
Inner Images Resources
Indexed list of links in various categories all useful to any Internet Marketer.
Inc. Magazine
On-line version of the magazine resources for case studies and marketing strategies.
Dangerous Words
Outlines a number of ambiguous or poor words to use in web pages. Click here seems to be very high on his list of baddies and I must say I agree.
U.S. Small Business Admin.
The link here is to the information Hot list. It's a great tool for information and Market Targeting.

General Business Information

Focus Associates
Business and Marketing Consulting. A fresh perspective on why you need a marketing plan, who should carry it out etc. rated "A Five Star Site!" by Webnet Webratings.
An excellent resource for general business information. Special Sections on the internet and technology.There are a number of business papers here on different American cities. Also the business headlines of the day.
American City Business Journals
There are a number of business papers here on different American cities. Also the business headlines of the day.
Hoover's Online
The ultimate for information on thousands of public company's.
Company link
The ultimate for information on thousands of public company's.45,000 U.S. companies cross-indexed to news wires and press releases.
Good resource for information on small and home based business.
This is beginning to become a regular haunt of the T Man. You gotta check this one out!

Internet Marketing Demographics

U.S. Gov't Census Site
Good information here for research and development
Nua provide many valuable resources and Internet Surveys. It contains digests of the important surveys and reports from all the major Research Companies. Posting are added to the site almost daily.
Project 2000
A good place to start as far as statistics about commerce and users is concerned.
Cyber Atlas
Demographics reference site updated regularly.
This is a link to statistics links on this directory.
Soft For Net
Excellent resource for net marketers with many links to a number of pertinent subjects.
Marketing Tools.Com
A lot of information only there are fees for most of it. This is the Web site for American Demographics Magazine and Marketing Tools Magazine.

Internet Advertising

Formerly markwelch.com
Excellent information on banner advertising getting sponsorships and almost anything to do with analyzing a sites traffic. Honest hard hitting reviews!
Webstart Communications
A good tutorial on advertising on the net.
Banner Advertising and sponsorship info. There is some info here but this is primarily a service supplying some information. The site is a scream hence the name.

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