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Search Engine Placement Secrets

"Spamdexers Ruin Search Engines"

Spamdexers use several methods to improve their search engine placement or positions. This is a list of just some of them compiled by Webmaster T who is fed up with Spamdexers! This Page of Shame is his way of alerting fellow Webmasters, Netizens and Clients of who the perpetrators of these heinous activities are!

It should come as no surprise a number of the first nominees are selling search engine placement services! Probably hoping the search engines don't catch the poor client before the "guarantee" runs out. If you're going to use these services make sure they are legit. To find out just peak in the source of any of their pages. I came across them while checking my placement in WebPosition Agent


WebPosition"gold", is possibly, the tool of choice for many of the SEO's abusing optimization. Many of the new features can produce, in the wrong hands, a large number of  "doorway pages" of dubious quality for the index or user. Many of the strategies suggested in the features are clogging indexes with multiple submissions and will soon render traditional means of indexing useless.

 These sites seriously injure the integrity of all people in this field.

About The Links

After several complaints of broken URLs, offenders are changing page locations, so if it's broken it's them not me, sorry. Also the people listed are being deluged by sellers of search engine placement reports. I can't do much about that other then to say if you're listed and want help contact me and I'll assist for free. This is about changing the situation and receiving true listings on the search engines. Nothing more, nothing less.

Improved and Cleaned up Pages

Deadlock.com Recently I was alerted Mr.Rhodes page had changed so I went by only to find upon further closer examination that he is using some rather dubious means for higher placements namely key words in comments (charmed). This material is now woefully outdated and should be taken with a grain of salt! I have explained why in the newest addition to the Index Search Engine Secrets? or Position Secrets? What Secrets? Some of what he says is somewhat current however a number of the suggestions and the spamdexing are probably why his pages are nowhere to be found in the top placements on any of the large engines save one! Sorry for the bum steer to my regular readers!

Deadlock.com Mr. Rhodes has removed the comments from the site and updated the material. At the time I wrote the above statement it was true however I must admit I was negligent by not keeping a closer eye on the situation.  This site is a good source of search engine placement information and I publicly apologize to Mr. Rhodes for not being on top of this and prompt about keeping the information on this page up to date. For those of you who may think that you are in this category just let me know and I'll update the comment about your pages.


Citystreams By far the worse and most hilarious case I've ever seen, talk about overkill! Page consists of about 20 screens of scrolling of which about three show up on page! Every trick in the book is used! Many as old as the hills and known to do more harm than good.

I made an error and put the wrong URL in the notification and the guy had the nerve to write me a gruf note about me being an e-mail spammer! These guys are also using duplicate pages to get better placement on specific engines. The problem is they don't bother with robot.txt so as a result they are also spamming the engines!

No response for a day or two and then an e-mail came claiming he doesn't cheat. No, he only uses the title many times in comments!

Kerr and Associates
7 titles but he's not SPAMDEXING he's SPOOFING! Mr. Kerr is selling a Search Engine report. He made a suggestion that this is no different then Kellogg's buying prominent shelf space. What I'd like to know is who's getting paid here?

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