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Search Engine Optimization 


These references and resources provide free search engine secrets to submit, monitor and improve your search engine placements or positions. Use the links below to find the exact topic you wish to explore to increase visibility and traffic to your web site.

Webmaster T's Reviewed Resources and References:

General Search Engine Information

A great reference for many resources such as directories in several countries, optimization and submission. Check this one out it is definitely good for at least one days reading.
Search Engine Watch.Com
Loads of links and good explanations of how search engines work and how to use them. Easy to navigate for specific information.
A fairly large list of directories and engines grouped by country. There are also some awards sites grouped by type. As a heads up I found this one while using the LinkMachine to check links to my site. Always inform the webmaster that you have linked to thier site, it can pay off!
A link on the open direcory with jumps to information on getting that all important listing on Yahoo.
Dmoz Link to Yahoo Submission articles
Some are funny and some are information packed.
Mr Rhodes has updated his pages and they are an excellent resource for search engine placement information.
Search Engine Tutorial
Great tutorial and information on how webmasters can raise positions at the various search engines
Search Engines
This is the best overall article that I have found on the net. It covers everything from how to query for the best results to how to get the best placement for your listing. Very useful for researchers and web promotion.
Article on GoTo and RealNames. Very useful and informative.
A good article on searching for and how to improve search engine positions or ratings.
Another article from the online version of the zine. Good how to promote article featuring information on search engine placement.
Spiders Apprentice
Never too much information on this topic. You'll find a little information on each of the major search engines here.

Choosing Keywords

A great tutorial for picking your keywords using the top ten in your category.
200 Top Searched Words at Yahoo
A great list of words to check out for promotion purposes. Get this #1 was sex and Pamela Anderson was #12 does that tell you anything!
John Labovitz's List of E-zines
John lists the top 80 keywords used for searching his list of zines. If you have a zine or publish articles this is a good resource.

Meta Tags

Meta Medic
Use this resource to check to be sure your meta tags are being fully utilized and fall within the safe repetition of keywords.
Virtual Promote
A good tutorial on meta tag and title use for a good search engine placement.
Make Meta Tags
I wasn't sure where to put this in the tools or here as you see I chose this category. Beginners not sure of these should utilize this until they have them down pat. Better this than nothing!
Spiders and Meta tags
More info on this important subject.
An article on meta tags giving who and how answers to how they are used by the engines to index a site.


A faq on robots which has information on how they work and how to exclude parts of your site from them.
robot.txt file
Information on using this file on server to protect parts of your site from being indexed.

Search Engine Optimization for Dynamic Sites

This articles is a tutorial on setting up a Windows 2000 IIS 5.0 server to handle dynamic pages using  Server.Transfer and ASP. Excellent method as it doesn't use redirects.

SEO Ezines

A discussion list for SEOs. I highly recommend this list whether you are a professional SEO or just want to learn a little more about it. The list is moderated by Detlev Johnson who does a great job of delivering a high signal to noise ratio. The list has some of the best in the field posting regularly. Archives for the list are here and you can join here. Using the link in the heading takes you to the front page for Audette Media where you'll find many other useful publications.

Online Search Engine Position Managers

You can check your ranking here or they'll mail you monthly with a list of search engines to let you know if you're still listed. Service is free if you place an icon on your site.
Position Agent
Mails you monthly to let you know your ranking on a number of engines. There is a good resource for placement information however they're all here somewhere.
Rank This
Improved but still not top of the heap by any means since your choice of keywords is limited.
Excellent resource for promotion info with good results from placement checker. The report is mailed to you and is similar to WebPosition Agent without the versatility, trend or alert reports.

Software Search Engine Placement Managers

This site has tools to do almost every possible check and improve your search engine positions. They also have a software product that the site basically emulates.
AgentWebRanking Freeware
One of the best online/software product in this category! This is a link to the download and best of all IT'S FREE!! After using this product for a bit the ads and its inability to handle large lists of terms became quite frustrating and irritating. Use only if you don't have a large list of terms and can handle all the constantly changing ads.
TopDog Webposition Analyzer
I tried this one out but both the interface and load time bothered me to the point I used it no more than 3 times. A post in I-search also complained of inaccurate results!
WebPosition Agent or Gold
A shareware program that manages placement. I reviewed and used this product for some time. The information is for the first product(analyzer). I no longer use or recommend this program. The old version is next to useless

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