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Search engine optimization is evolving from search engine manipulation to knowledge of the databases being accessed by different search engines. The search engine reference which lists alliances (databases being accessed by another search site). 

The new additions to the search engine placement secrets index are the most important databases. All but LookSmart are included in my top 10 submissions list.

These have become more important than the sites accessing their databases. WHY? Simple, although they don't compare in traffic the sum of those accessing them and the prominence of the results from them on the accessing sites makes them more important. 

One of the main things to consider is that they are almost all directories or producing results which aren't easily manipulated. One is noted for its link relevance technology. One is very well known for its methods of measuring the popularity of sites. One is using paid listings and 2 are directories which are being accessed by several other sites.

Alliances in the Secrets Index
ODP | LookSmart | Google | GOTO 
Direct Hit & Ask Jeeves  

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Search Engine Secrets Index
Excite | Lycos | Yahoo | InfoSeek | AltaVista
WebCrawler | Hotbot | Secrets Update

Alliances in the Secrets Index
 ODP | LookSmart | Google |  GOTO
Direct Hit & Ask Jeeves

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