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Use these search engine placement secrets to improve positions and achieve higher rankings at InfoSeek, AltaVista, WebCrawler and Hotbot! A list of explanations for the keys to achieve a top search engine  listing are on the first page. 

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original Summary

Not much has changed other than the way the results are presented and a name change. InfoSeek is now owned by Disney and is called Go.com. Other significant news is that those of us in this community who abused the submission process have killed the instant indexing. I knew it would happen, I was pleasantly surprised that it lasted as long as it did.

One update to the techniques for optimization  should be mentioned. I would to be very careful of the number of repeated words in the keywords tag it is much lower now perhaps as low as three. However this would be a general rule applicable to all engines.

Results are now divided into two groups of results. The top most prominent listings are from the directory. They are taking a page from the ODP method and now use volunteer editors. You must be a Go Guide in order to suggest a site. 

I have joined (InfoSeek, or rather GO, has always been a favorite destination of mine) and will be taking a look at sites in my favorite categories. Of course I did submit my site in the promotion category however I will not submit this area until all these updates are completed. 

There is a definite trend towards spidering engines focusing more on directory type results and using 3rd parties or like in this case building their own directories to enhance their listings.


original Summary

Looksmart does seem to be affecting top 30 placement here. Av is still extremely case sensitive and it is rather tough to get it past the front page if you are using doorways (not a recommended method around here).

Ask Jeeves also plays a part in results at AltaVista. Using case sensitivity in the meta data is a good idea as well. Image alts are a boost as well as it does pay close attention to images on a page for its image search.


Important Notice

WebCrawler once a major engine has reportedly ceased indexing and its traffic has dwindled  significantly. I have wondered if it would end up like Magellan after its purchase by Excite. This seems to be the case. Do not even bother submitting there until you hear otherwise.  


original Summary

HotBot has changed considerably the entry page features the directory which uses ODP. The search feature has some changes as well. It lists related searches which will help in keyword selection and these related searches don't seem as dependent on direct hit. 

Next are some listings for search partners. Then it lists some "from the Lycos network" here you'll find the old Lycos Pro method of searching and index. It still is the same as when I originally wrote about it for the Lycos article. It seems to be using the same database as it used to as well.

Then it has the heading which says "websites" Direct Hit is the source for the first ten listings. Next in the results is a heading which says "Related Categories" these are from ODP.   

If you ask for the next ten it is using a database which does not seem to be accessing Direct HIT or the ODP. I know this for a fact because my old site came up number 11. This site has never been added to ODP or Direct Hit however it did do well in the Lycos pro database. I can't say for certain what it is accessing but I have not submitted this site to HotBot either. I have found it in other searches in the directory which may looked like editor contributions from the ODB. 

original Summary

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