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WebPosition Analyzer

"Monitors, Manages and ReportsTrue Search Engine Positions or Placements"

** NOTE**
WebPosition Analyzer is no longer available. The new Gold version is not the same and the functions discussed here no longer work as well and some new features border on spam IMHO.

WebPosition Analyzer Software monitors, manages and produces accurate reports to optimize your search engine positions and placement increasing traffic and visibility for your site. Improving placements and positions at the major search engines is easy using the trend reports WebPosition Analyzer generates.

Increase Web Site Traffic and Improve Search Engine Placement

You've heard of freeware and shareware now I've got a new one for you, how about Dreamware. WebPosition Analyzer is a site promoters dream come true! Regular readers of Webmaster T's World of Design are familiar with one of the the first articles I wrote entitled The Plan: A Strategy to Promote a Site Using Search Engine Placement and Reciprocal Links.

In The Plan I map out a strategy to promote a web site. I tried like the dickens to follow the strategy but was unable to because of all the time required to research the material to implement my plan. It seemed like finding the quality reciprocal links and monitoring and managing my search engine position ratings and search engine placement rankings took all my promoting time. Then I found out about WebPostion Analyzer and everything fell into place. As a matter of fact because WebPosition is automated I am able to get even more done then I had expected. That's why I call WebPosition Analyzer Dreamware.

The reports that are generated by a "mission" do everything but submit the URL and do the changes to your site to raise your placement rankings and position ratings on the ten search engines it monitors for you. The review tells you about some of the features of this shareware.

Have you ever seen the commercial for Braun Shavers where Victor Kiam says "I liked it so much I bought the company". Webmaster T liked WebPostion Analyzer so much we made our first purchase of a promotion product. I've always found services like Submit-it and the like lacking in performance or just too costly for my meager budget. WebPosition is inexpensive (especially when you figure the time it saves) and the performance is far superior to anything else available presently. "Easy now T Man, I'm workin' on it, these things take time!"

Webmaster T's 10 Tips For Using WebPosition To Increase Traffic to Your Web Site

An outline of the report:

  1. Tips on using WebPosition Analyzer

  2. What the reports are really telling you and what to do with them

  3. What report to use for each secret tip

  4. Using the reports to optimize your site for good search engine position ratings before you even submit a listing

  5. Using "missions" to choose keywords

  6. Using "missions" to find keywords nobody else is using

  7. Using the reports to find quality reciprocal links

  8. Using the "missions" to figure out how search engines are determining placement rankings

  9. Scheduling Tips

  10. Using the reports to monitor your competitors and beat them to the top


**Note: The Analyzer has been updated and this is not a review of "WebPosition Gold"! We are not ready at this time to endorse the new product. It is quite likely this product will NEVER receive an endorsement from us! New features  implement a flawed strategy. If you have nothing better to do then CHASE PLACEMENT go ahead but we feel there are much better strategies and better things to do with your limited promotion time. The tips here are still applicable to the new version**


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