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Review of WebPosition Analyzer

By Webmaster T

** NOTE**
WebPosition Analyzer is no longer available. The new Gold version is not the same and the functions discussed here no longer work as well and some new features border on spam IMHO.

WebPosition Analyzer software monitors, manages and produces accurate reports of your search engine positions and placement that will increase traffic and visibility for your site. 

Increase traffic to Your Site By Achieving Higher Search Engine Placement on Major Search Engines

One of the first things I noticed on WebPosition Analyzer's site was the advertising promising to "Drive Traffic To your Site and Increase Visibility". Will WebPosition Analyzer do this? If you are getting most of your traffic from the engines, an emphatic yes. If you want an easy way to find all those reciprocal links, it's yes again.

WebPosition Analyzer does everything but make the changes to improve your search engine positions and do the surfing to get those elusive reciprocal links. Included with the product are some good suggestions for improving placement ratings or position rankings but I don't need to add where the best gratis free information is because you're already here. Don't know what I'm talking about? Then take the Search Engines and Links jump and find out what you've been missing.

The reports WebPosition Analyzer generates are so useful I don't know where to begin. WebPostion allows you to accurately monitor your position and alerts you when your search engine position ratings or placement rankings have changed. Of course you have to send it first!

Here's a shot, slightly altered for aesthetic reasons but true to the actual report descriptions:

Concise Summary Report Excellent overview of your search positions by keyword and Search Engine. It even shows your last reported positions.
Summary Report Summary showing what your listings look like on each Engine. Make sure they look good to get the best response.
Detail Report Shows exactly what is positioned above and below you. Analyze these pages to see what you could do to better your competition.
Alert! Report Alerts you to places where you've declined in rank or have been dropped entirely! Once your rankings are good, make sure they stay that way.
Trend Report Shows a summary of your rank statistics over time by Engine and keyword. This guide will help you meet your long-term goals for each Engine and keyword.
Log Report Records the last Mission statistics and includes the complete unmodified results from the search engines.

The information is useful for lots of other things as you know since you've read the A Strategy to Find Quality Reciprocal Links article.

We are all aware of the time required to monitor and raise our positions at the various search engines. In my case it was taking about 10-15 hrs/week and even more when I started and first had to find if I was even listed. It was a dream come true when I found the sites on the net doing this. The only problem with these is that the limited capabilities, accuracy and choices for keywords on these sites made them not very useful.

My First Mission

As you all know I read a number of publications, one very good publication I receive for VAR's in the Toronto area has a dynamite product evaluation column which I read as soon as I receive it. I have always found them to be right on so when I saw that software had been developed for monitoring your search engine position I was ecstatic! I immediately fired up the old browser and started over there.

I ran the first "mission" and was very impressed because it even does the search in the background so the only time required is to fill out the search parameters and unleash it. The Analyzer does require a lot of bandwidth because it is doing 5 searches at once so if you are using the net as well it is a little annoying.

The developers have saved you from this inconvenience by adding the "Schedule Analyzer" which allows you to schedule the searches during down-time. The Analyzer is put in the windows start group and will do the searches at any scheduled time ( remember to leave your computer on ). If you're like me and want to know what is happening all the time you can schedule it to search daily.

One last thing about the "schedule Analyzer" you'll need to check it every once in awhile because it automatically checks the WebPosition site for new updates and fixes before doing the mission. It then goes to the site gets the update and installs it on your system. If this is any indication of the support given with this product it is superb. I have been in contact with the company and even gave them a testimonial for their site, you may see it if you go there.

One of the big advantages of the Analyzer over the net based versions is the amount of single word and phrase queries you can input. You can use an unlimited number of phrases (I used five words in one phrase) or single word queries.  The shareware version only uses three of the ten engines available in the full version.

If you have read the evaluations I've done on the other products available you know that my biggest complaint about them is their inaccuracy. I find WebPosition produces an exact report of your position ratings or placement rankings on all of the search engines included. This so impressed me that I found the report to be unbelievable and went to the engines included to check for discrepancies. Found none at all!!

As I said earlier I have been in contact with the company and I asked how they accomplish this. It seems rather then acting like a spider, when the "Analyzer" goes to the engine it enters the front door rather then a rear door like a spider.

This kind of proves my original feeling that the spiders on the others aren't accessing it like a user which accounts for the errors I found while using these services. Remember nobody knows for sure where these little devils are concerned.

Have you ever seen the commercial for Braun Shavers where Victor Kiam says "I was so Impressed with this product I bought the Company" or something like that. Well, like Victor, I was so impressed with this product it is the first promotion product or service I have paid for.

**Note: The Analyzer has been updated and the procuct is in beta this is not a review of "WebPosition Gold"! We are not ready at this time to endorse the new product. It is quite likely this product will NEVER receive an endorsement from us! It implements a flawed strategy. If you have nothing better to do then CHASE PLACEMENT go ahead but we feel there are much better strategies and better things to do with your limited promotion time.**

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