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"A Strategy for Finding Quality Reciprocal Links"

First off, in regards to the initial article in this series on reciprocal links, I have another tip which will speed up the process considerably. I read an interesting post in one of the lists I receive that indicated that 95% of the traffic from search engines comes from the top five or six. This makes sense since many of the others are topical or for specific types of sites. Concentrating your effort to improve search engine placements on these engines is a sure way to increase traffic to a web site.

A New Tip for Submission to Search Engines

The tip is concentrate your efforts to raise placement only on the top 5 or 6 and only hand submit to the 12 on the reference page. For the rest use some other means that submits your site to the rest.

The tutorial is courtesy of Jim Wilson and is an excerpt from IMHO the best web site promotion newsletter available, the Virtual Promote Gazette. The Gazette will arrive in your mailbox once a week and after reading it a few times, Friday will become a special day. There is a link to subscribe in the reference box.

If web site promotion is of interest to you, run don't walk there, after you finish here of course. There are a number of links(7 before this issue) to Virtual Promote on this site for a good reason. Given your choice would you go to MIT or DeVry for information?

I received this issue of the Gazette when I was working on the article: A Strategy to Improve Rankings or Placement at Specific Search Engines and immediately saw that the information for raising placement was the same as what is needed for reciprocal links. Combining these two activities will save you enough time to enable you to raise your placement and get more quality reciprocal links.

Time management (or lack of) is the biggest obstacle in your path to completing this task . Being of the mind that anything that can be automated, should be, I am presently testing a strategy using software to speed up this process and will report my findings here next month.

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