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Search Engine Placement Secrets

"A Strategy to Improve Placements and Positions"

**Updated site**
There is another area of the site called Search engine Secrets with more information on this topic.

The strategy to improve search engine placement and positions is meant to help you increase the traffic that your site needs and hopefully deserves. Be sure to read the articles on the promo page too as these two sites are structured to give precise information that overlaps. For instance there is a detailed description on Finding Quality Reciprocal Links that overlaps this so you can kill two birds with one stone.

Overview of the Search Engine Placements  Strategies

If you have followed the instructions given in the first article you probably have achieved a high search engine position in the top 20 or 30 listings for queries with lots of listings. In other instances where there are not a lot of listings, you are at or near the top. For your information, my follow up of my submissions showed the best results using this method at Infoseek, Excite and AltaVista some of the others hadn't got to it yet so I had nothing at these.

In the initial article I suggested that you not wait for the engine to come to you but to submit all your pages. In some cases this works too good and you get removed for spamming. This back fired big time at Infoseek partly because I initially listed only the World of Design page because I was in a rush to get to all the engines in one day. I went back three days later and submitted the other pages. Checking the rankings about three days later I found I had several pages listed in the top listings for some queries.

For promotion I had six pages in the top thirty listings. Now the bad news. This was regarded as spamming them and resulted in some of the pages being removed a few days later, namely the indexes that had links from the World of Design page.

I will add that this is done by a human who checks them because the other indexes that had no supporting articles were fine. Pages that were Archived faired ok so I advise not doing this at Infoseek. It won't slow down being listed because they seem to index sites quickly and are penalizing you for making them make extra trips to the same content.

Checking to see if you are listed can be time consuming and a little tedious. I remembered that there were some services doing this that had been mentioned in some of the numerous newsletters and lists I receive. Altogether I had three to evaluate and I'll tell you a little bit about what I found and my feelings about the whole industry that has evolved around search engine placement.

All the services below offer limited free services so use them to save you some time. To get a true picture use all three and compare the results it doesn't take long. For those trying to develop keywords these services are good for that purpose as well because they'll tell you the top listings for a search. Then just go to the top listings and check out the document title structure and keywords.

Free Services to Check Placement

This part of this article has been updated with new evaluations and updates to this article. Before using any of the services listed here I strongly suggest you check the update out. Position Agent seems to produce the most accurate results but even their results were different then the actual picture and weren't consistent for the same query in the same session. I feel this is possibly caused by the actual engine and not the service in this case anyway.

They offer a service that keeps you informed of your position and status at the engines that their services cover. Of the three this is the only one that would get any of my money but more about that later. The resources for promotion and search engines is very high quality and worth a look. Of course as usual the best have already been added to my links but this one is still worth going to.

Did-it.com it is tough to get an accurate picture here because they only allow one word to search for so chances are they aren't going to find you. This company is also using some rather dubious means of promoting itself. I found out about this one from a spam from them after submitting to Yahoo! When I received my notice from Yahoo there was a mention that sites were being stripped from the new listings page and to not contact them about it because they had nothing to do with it.

The mail from did-it came a few days after the mail from Yahoo so I can only assume that this company is one of the offenders. A post at HWG to let other members know about these services resulted in me being contacted by members asking I not purchase any materials or help to inform people about this company as a protest against spammers.

Rank this.com Rank is definitely a good way to describe this service! There is a distinct odor coming from this site that is usually associated with the droppings from bulls. The site layout is terrible with broken icons, company information that is hard to find (doesn't everyone put the e-mail address in the footer? If not you should because people shouldn't have to search to find out how to reach you), inaccurate ranking results and to top it off they open a fresh browser for a link off the site!

Only goes to show that they are afraid if you left the site you wouldn't return. If anyone from Rank this is reading you have no right to manipulate or open fresh browsers that's my decision!

To sum up this service for rankings it's useless, about all it is good for is an easy way to figure out how a specific engine will respond to a change in a query. For example case sensitivity. Even the alleged tips are misleading as they try to mix you up in regards to well known and documented tips for search engine placement.

If you have read other articles by me you know that I have spent several years in the direct marketing business. The last three before starting my internet business were spent in the telemarketing industry. I left this industry disgusted with the moral fibre of some of the companies in the industry.

To be honest almost all of the small organizations not associated with large companies or organizations are scammers of the worst kind. Misinformation are common tactics used to sell and promote products.

I have been researching search engine reports and services for about a month now for a feature article and what I have found so far is not good. The same tactics seem to be pretty rampant on the net as well so companies that aren't household names and are selling information or services should not necessarily be taken at face value.

Check them out thoroughly and definitely check all testimonials. Better still ask them for a list of purchasers or trial software if it isn't available. Choose the ones you decide to contact and ask them specific questions so you don't take much of their time. Chances are if they won't do this they fall into the group that should be avoided.

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