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"Evaluations of Search Engine Placement or Position Managers"

Search Engine Placement and Position Management Software

WebPosition A shareware program that manages search engine placements and generates reports showing accurate search engine positions which are the best bar none. Read T's review of this product it is a real eye opener if you take promotion seriously and would like to know how to increase traffic to your web site.

Search Engine Placement or Position Management

Position Agent is the best of these mediocre online services. The results vary from query to query on the same word in the same session. I feel this is possibly caused by the actual engine and not the service in this case anyway.

rankthis.com Rank is definitely a good way to describe this service! There is a distinct odor coming from this site that is usually associated with the droppings from bulls. The site layout is terrible with broken icons, company information that is hard to find (doesn't everyone put the e-mail address in the footer? If not you should because people shouldn't have to search to find out how to reach you), inaccurate ranking results and to top it off they open a fresh browser for a link off the site!

To sum up this service for rankings it's useless, about all it is good for is an easy way to figure out how a specific engine will respond to a change in a query. For example case sensitivity. Even the alleged tips are misleading as they try to mix you up in regards to well known and documented tips for search engine placement.

First Update to rankthis.com

Rankthis has actually improved their accuracy to some degree and have been purchased by another web promotion company.  I am going to watch this one closely as the company which purchased the site has in the past used misinformation and totally false information to promote their products.

Whether this is just poor research or done on purpose is debatable and I don't care to judge them! I am just passing along the information to help you make the choices you need to when using these services.

Did-it.com it is tough to get an accurate picture here because they only allow one word to search for so chances are they aren't going to find you. This company is also using some rather dubious means of promoting itself. I found out about this one from a spam from them after submitting to Yahoo! When I received my notice from Yahoo there was a mention that sites were being stripped from the new listings page and to not contact them about it because they had nothing to do with it.

The mail from did-it came a few days after the mail from Yahoo so I can only assume that this company is one of the offenders. A post at HWG to let other members know about these services resulted in me being contacted by members asking I not purchase any materials or help to inform people about this company as a protest against spammers.

Update to Did-it

Do not use this service for any purpose unless you like a steady flow of SPAM originating from them. I have yet to receive a free update from them in regards to my ranking. Four attempts to be removed from the list has got me nowhere. I have recently been getting get rich quick and mlm spam from different sources but since these unscrupulous spammers sell lists I can only presume that this is the source since I only participate in private lists, no newsgroups and don't go to free ad sites. The only other possibility is it is originating from a free submission service I used a while ago. More on that another time. Once again, AVOID THESE SPAMMERS THEY"RE WORSE THEN THE PLAGUE!!!!!

scorecheck.com Excellent resource for promotion info with good results from the search engine placement checker. The report is mailed to you and is similar to WebPosition Agent without the versatility, trend or alert reports.

Update to Scorecheck

Like with did-it be careful about using this one as even though I hadn't been there in months I kept getting email from them (1 for each keyword). I'm not saying it is even close to the problem with did-it, I'm just very protective of an email box that receives on average 100's of emails a day!  Anything unwanted is a bit of a nuisance. I do commend them for removing me from the list immediately!

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