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"The Reciprocal Link Machine"


The Reciprocal Link Machine

This Website Promotion strategy to increase traffic to a web site uses the Reciprocal Link Machine to mine your Cyber Gold. Follow the instructions for each engine and find out who has linked to you and other sites.

Another way to find those quality links is to put a competitors url in the machine and find out who has linked to them.

Other Reciprocal Link Articles

Promoting Your Site Using Search Engines and Links An article by Webmaster T from his e-zine Webmaster Ts' World of Design. This is the first of a series of articles on the promotion of this site. In future articles he will evaluate the strategy employed and record the information to assist you in implementing that strategy with your site.

A Strategy for Finding Quality Reciprocal Links Jim Wilson webmaster of Virtual Promote and editor of the the Virtual Promote Gazette allowed us to include an excerpt from the Gazette to go with our tutorial.

Promotion Strategy PT.III In this 3 part series Webmaster T discusses reciprocal links and how to implement them in your Web site Promotion Strategy.

"Proactive" Reciprocal Links
A proactive reciprocal link strategy can be very time consuming so be sure to check this out to be sure you are ready, willing and able to arrange and carry out your plan.

"Reactive" Reciprocal Links
There are two types of reciprocal link "reactive" and "proactive". This article details a reactive plan and strategy discussing benefits and methods for attracting these links.

Put a url in the text box and the Reciprocal Link Machine will fetch the links to to that page from the engine listed above it.

It is a good idea to input the url both ways once including the http:// and once with just the URL where it starts www.  These seem to vary the results in no logical manner so I would try both and see which provides the best results for your purposes

The reciprocal links listed from these sites are only included if the site has been indexed by that engine.  The results also seem to vary widely from day to day so I wouldn't put a lot of meaning in them.  This is also why I feel the sites charging to provide you this information are next to useless and your money is better spent advertising in ezines and other cheap methods of promotion.

Take my old site for instance, some days it lists over 1000 and the next day it returns 110.  Go figure!!



AltaVista and Infoseek had the most comprehensive lists others may be added in the future but there seems to be a problem getting accurate results from a remote access.

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