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Reactive Reciprocal Link
Strategy and Plan

Here's how I'm going to avoid the problems inherent to a "reactive" reciprocal link strategy in the future. In order to track these links I'm going to put a form on the site that will automatically go into a database or text file, requiring no maintenance. This database will keep track of the people linking to the site. The form will include a box for the newsletter like on the awards submission form enabling me to leverage the form further by adding to my newsletter subs.

Overview of Reactive Reciprocal Link Strategy

The form will also generate a reciprocal links page (same principal as a guest book). What? Yup I'll supply a page for those that want to use it, that doesn't mean that I have to use em'! To protect those that do use it I will do all I can to keep the scum from harvesting email addresses off it.

Once again I'll automate the monitoring of the links on the reciprocal links page using a script that will go to the page, check it and then if there is no link it will remove them from the .asp page (MS thingy for generating database driven pages).

Now, to complete the process I'll provide text, and graphics links for them to use on their pages. I will also let them know that I will be checking to be sure that they have provided a link to my site if they are on the links page.

Voila, you're managing and promoting "reactive" links using none of your valuable promotion time cutting and pasting information into files to manage all this activity!

This will also enable me to generate a list of sites that are linked to the "WOD" in case, God forbid, I have to move again! I will probably spend several hours both informing and tracking down the owners of the sites linked to me to inform them of the move and maintain the traffic they are generating. If I had of done this originally I would have had a list of many of them and then using a mail merge program I could have contacted them, informed them of the change and saved myself, the webmaster of the site and their users a bunch of headaches.

The advantages to this form are many! All we'll have to do is our usual site maintenance which is making sure there are no broken links on our site (a major turnoff for almost all users). We'll also be able to use it in our proactive reciprocal links campaigns as well by referring the webmaster to the form if they decide to reciprocate.

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