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Web Site Promotion

Submit and Announce a Web site

Submit and announce your site at the majors first.  They account for about 80% of all traffic from engines. Web site promotion to be successful must be an ongoing project so once you are listed monitor your listing and use the info on the Search Engine Placement Index to improve your search engine placement or positions. I use this useful tool to track and submit my listings to the major search engines and directories. I recommend you hand submit to these. Prepare your info, then where you see the url for my info page just change it to yours. See the article I wrote on preparing yourself to submit your listings to the search engines.

Step#1 Of the "WoDs' Search Engine Submission Wizard

Yahoo! is the first stop if you have had trouble getting listed here I strongly advise reading the tutorial I prepared. I send you to the front door because this is the right way to approach Yahoo!.

One last tip if you submit to a regional directory you will be added much faster usually within a few days. Then a few days after being added to a regional directory you are added to the main directory.

Now for the easy part! Fill out the form and it will fill in the forms at the sites for you. This is a quick method of hand submission. I suggest if you have a large list of urls that you set your text editor to stay on top and just paste the url into the form for each. But then again if you read the tutorial on search engine submission you've already done
that ;)
Where's the form? I'm under construction sorry!

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