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Web Site Promotion: Web Sites Submission and Announcing  to Search Engines

"Tutorial to Improve and Achieve Higher Search Engine Positions and Placements"

See how I put higher search engine placements in the heading above to achieve a match with my title. If you've read the article about secrets to improve search engine placement or positions you'll know why I've done it.

Before we start the tutorial on search engines submissions, have you read all the tips to achieve higher placements and search engine positions. If you haven't read the tutorial, what are you waiting for? "You're puttin' the cart before the horse!" as PAPA used to say.

Overview of Search Engine Submission

Here's the first secret to submitting to search engines, have your pages totally optimized for higher placement or positions before you start! It can be a real hassle getting some of the search engines and directories to change them once you've done your initial search engines submissions.

I started out hand submitting my site to all the search engines. This was an arduous and boring task but I have a few tips to help. Don't bother hand submitting your site to all the search engines. It's a lot of work and frankly won't affect your traffic as much as getting good reciprocal links. Manage your position carefully and link to as many of the sites with higher placement rankings as possible.

Only hand submit to the twelve search engines on the Essential Search Engines and Directories page. Use a multi-submit site that submits to several search engines with one submission for the rest. Some of these will be evaluated next month in the Search Engine Secrets? What Position Secrets index.

Your Submission Tracking File

I'll only say that this maneuver gets this page listed in the search engines for a query for search engine placement or rankings. It does have merit though because the caption at Yahoo will affect your placement.

I am developing a table that has all my promotion URLs plus spaces to put the information about the submission, status of the listing, outcome of submission, return date if it isn't listed yet (time the search engine says to wait before re subbing) and finally comments about the types of submissions that can be made there and if I'm really on the ball what category. This will be useful later for my design business and of course for public use. I won't be putting it up until later when it has reached a respectable number of sites. Remember, don't you bother to do this I'm doing it for other reasons. I do have the 12 search engines you should hand submit to setup. Try it out and give me some feedback about how it worked for you. The values are there to assist you and show you how I'm doing, it's been up for a coupla' weeks and T updated it some but time is in short supply around IWB lately.

I keep the file on my ISPs server so it is like being on a site. I have it in a hidden directory that only I can open. On this page is a pop-up window which has all the info I need for submitting my sites to the search engines. Ounce you have opened the window and submitted the site, just minimize it and it's on your task bar ready for the next submission on your list.

Personal Data

In your personal data format the following info double spaced for easier copying to the clipboard:

  • Name
  • Address: home and business if different on separate lines
  • State or province
  • Country
  • Phone numbers business, fax and home on separate lines
  • URL of the site
  • e-mail address
  • Copy all your keywords right out of the file on one line, a list of up to five of the very best or must put group. Some of the engines want you to only put 3-5 keywords and this will make it easy to get to them. Remember to double space those suckers!

Descriptions and Caption

You'll need three to do a good job. They are:

  • A 160 character caption to use at Yahoo and other directories. Do you remember the tip on this in the search engine secrets article? Remember to use lots of keywords in all your descriptions because some may use these in ranking your placement.
  • A 25 word short description of the site
  • 50 word description make this one so you can just add it to the 25 word version.

Remember to do the descriptions for each site you will be submitting. I put a list of all my sites with anchors to the descriptions. This way the window is ready to go for all my sites when I find a new search engine to place all my pages with. I also keep these pages as indexes for certain topics. When I get a certain category to list I can pull the page out for that category and I'm ready to list away. This is being refined as we go so some of the pages will change on the Mega List.

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