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"Web Site Promotion Plans and Strategies"

In this series of articles I will be discussing a "Web site Promotion Plan" and how to implement a promotion strategy to increase traffic to your web site.

Did you notice how I used the words promotion plan and promotion strategy in the above statement? You're probably thinking don't they mean the same thing? Nope! A strategy is a methodology and the "Plan" is the implementation of the strategy. Breaking your "Plan" down like this will ensure you're working smart not hard.

Overview of the Web Site Promotion Plan

In my overall "Web site Promotion Plan" I decided how I would measure success, how much time I could spend on promoting the site each day and the "Major Promotion Strategies" I would use. This enables me to evaluate and plan my activity. Being able to evaluate my plan enables me to concentrate on strategies that work and give priority to those activities.

4 Web Site Promotion Strategies

Your "Web site Promotion Plan" should be broken down into several strategies and each strategy should have a plan. The most important part of this is "HAVE A PLAN AND WORK YOUR PLAN!!!" As an example, my "Promotion Plan" has four "Major Strategies".

  1. Announcing and Listing my sites with Search Engines
  2. Reciprocal Links (includes banner exchanges and links with related sites)
  3. E-mail (includes my monthly newsletter and participation in discussion lists and newsgroups)
  4. Press Releases

Each "Major Strategy" has a plan. For instance as part of my announcing and search engine strategy I have developed a set of tools or pages on the site that enables me to announce and list new pages and articles quickly with sites that I know in the past have increased traffic to the web site.

The bonus is it adds useful content to the "WoD" as well and at some time in the future will be part of a manual or book I'm developing. The resource also allows me to track this activity and refine my plan.

This illustrates the advantages to having a plan. Besides the benefits derived from the promotion itself I'm developing a new product that has been tested and its merits documented.

Well, as usual I've went on and on about my favorite part of site development. I hope you enjoy this article as much as I have preparing it for you.

Here's a detailed article and explanation of time management and how to evaluate the results of your activity. It's important to know exactly how much time you can spend promoting your site and a way to measure the success.

This article is available in plain text format for use in newsletters just contact Webmaster T for details. May the Java Gods Smile on Each and Every One of You and the Demon Viruses be Few and Very, Very Far Between!!!

Pt II: Announcing a Web Site

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