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Web Site Promotion: An Ongoing Strategy

Promote and Announce Your Site Using Links To Increase Traffic

Promote your site using these indexes to find and link to high traffic sites. Go through the indexes in the order we have them because they are prioritized to be sure you are using your limited time wisely.

Start by going to the promo area and read the strategy Webmaster T has laid out. As you go through each step there are tools and submission tips to aid you.

Web site Promotion: Sites to  Announce Your Web Site

These pages of links are the places we recommend you do by hand. We are going for the sites that will improve your traffic and not just a list of free for all link pages. These will account for 95% of your traffic add a few other sites from the cool awards pages and leave the rest to submission software or the broadcast sites on the announce list.

The Essential Search Engines and Directories

Start with the major search engines and directories on the Search Engine. T has rated them for importance and this information will help you to decide which ones to track.

If you do no other promotion at least submit to BIG 8. Do it by hand and track your position or ranking on majors. Our Submission Wizard will be working soon!

What's New and Announce Sites.

10 Listings
This is a list of sites and newsgroups that are specifically for announcing your initial site and subsequent updates. Some of these are not strictly announcement newsletters but I couldn't put them in a category so they ended up here.

Cool Site Awards

26 Listings
Cool Site Awards are good but watch the quality as your site improves so should the quality of the awards you apply for and win.

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