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"An Ongoing Plan To Increase Traffic"


Promote and Plan to Succeed!!

What's the key to a good Website Promotion Strategy? As you begin to promote and announce your web site or products and services on the Internet THE PLAN is the key. Have a PLAN and WORK the PLAN!!

All the resources here have a wealth of information, so, check out one at a time, choose a strategy for web site promotion and use the plan. Ounce you're done with one move on to another and you'll soon increase web site traffic.

Promotion, if it's going to be successful has to be ongoing! Try all of these strategies but a word of caution, don't go crazy!! Remember if you're marketing products or services you may be surprised and get more orders than you can handle.

We suggest you do one method at a time and track the response and how it affects your traffic. An hour or two a day using these resources and you'll soon have the traffic you want and need!!

Webmaster T's Reviewed Resources and References:

General Internet Promotion Information

Virtual Promote
A promoters dream! You can do it all from here. Jim Wilson is the editor of IWB's favorite newsletter the Virtual Promote Gazette. I'll take this opportunity to give him a tip of the cap for a job well done.
Promotion service with a large list of free places to advertise.
Promote One
Promotion and search engine info. The search engine info isn't really what I'd normally put on the search site as it's pretty generic.

Press Releases

This site has won our reward for it's excellent resources and references and the free submission service. If this can be believed there is also a free distribution service to users who have signed up. This is a great site and has improved considerably since it was first launched.
General publicity information.
Xpress Press
They are a news release firm but do have free info on writing a release and a report on using press releases to promote your business.
Here you can find places to send your releases and media kits to various media in a specific region. Excellent if your on the road and want to set-up a Promotional Tour.
Information and an overview of news releases including a template to build a good news release and sites to find distribution sources.

Web Rings

Web Ring.Org
All the information you need to create and join web rings.

Reciprocal Links

Eric has two websites UrlWire and NetPost look closely there is good information but it isn't exactly staring you in the face.

Announcing A Web site

At one time there were more links in this category however the time required to keep them current and the companies replacing the pages with other products not related to this has forced me to be wary of adding any new links to this category.
Great articles and submission tools for both search engines and awards

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