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"Leveraging Your Online Activity"

Leveraging is a term that anyone who reads business and SOHO publications will be familiar with. Synergizing and Leveraging were business buzzwords in the early Nineties. They aren't quite as popular these days but leveraging should still be at the top of every web site and ezine owners list of to dos.

Leveraging is just getting the full value out of all your online activity. The best way to explain this is to give you an example. I'll use this article as an example.

Using Leverage to Promote a Web site

I am including this article in my newsletter but if I convert it into HTML and post it on my site as an article I have gotten extra benefit from the time spent writing it by adding it as content to my site. This takes all of ten minutes using a tool Jim Wilson of Virtual Promote mentioned in his newsletter.

To further leverage it I will add it to my free content area for use by other ezines. Now I've added a little self promotion to the benefits as well. I also know of a site that is used by ezine publishers to obtain free content so I'll add it to their list too. It's at http://certificate.net/wwio/

I do a considerable amount of research to both promote my site and my business. I found a way to leverage this was to put what I found in the "World of Design". Much of the information I have in the Search Engine Secrets Index was gathered while researching how to get a higher placement on the engines for my own site.

I spent literally a hundred or more hours querying various engines to see what the results were and how the different queries changed them. I could have just kept this to myself but instead I put what I found onto the site and the Search Engine Secrets Index was born.

Many of you are probably thinking that's all well and fine but my site is different in nature then yours. If you are thinking like this then you have definitely missed a class in Internet Marketing 101. Any good marketer will scream the refrain below when they see this statement.


A lot of the people I talk to say they don't have the time do this. I think they do, they just haven't figured out how to leverage their online activity.

My business is very small, employs no one other then myself and I still manage to add an article a week (more now that I've added this ezine) even though I am always working on other projects for other people.

I do this by leveraging my research for clients into content for my site. This way I don't have to charge as much for this work and everyone benefits.

To put this article to bed I'll tell you three places besides what I've told you already to leverage your content and activity.

1. Forms
Do you have a newsletter? Is there a box to tick if they DON"T want to receive it. That's how most of you found your way on to this list. There is always a way to leverage a form just think about what you have the user input!

2. Signature Files In All Email
Do you have several sig files preconfigured so you can easily promote your site and products while participating in lists and usenet. Write several, one for each different topic or area on your site.

3. Banner Network Participation or Site Graphics
The banner that's used for the network should be offered on your site for others to use to promote your site. Do you have a graphic that could be resized and used by people when they link to your site?

Think about your site and every page has an added benefit you probably hadn't thought of before. I hope you aren't in my position, I literally HAD to learn how to do this to survive and thrive.

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