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  T's search engine optimization blog, or some will say, diary of a ........ artist, haw ha ha!

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"Opinions are like asseholes, everyone has one, take from mine what you want and forget the rest of it!"
Da' Tmeister, Editor

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Search Engine Optimization

Webmaster T's thoughts on search engine optimization, submission and the crazy world of SEO! Webmaster T is going to try and add a new diatribe or tutorial on search engine optimization, submission and and SEO strategy every couple of days. Some days they may just be what he's working on or did that day. Watch this page so you don't miss anything!
Da' Tmeister, Editor

............. and the footprint grows:T's search engine optimization blog is started with a comment about blogs and how he intends to change T's World and hopefully return to the SERPs.
Traffic Analysis and Rank Reports:Webmaster T discusses using rank reports and/or traffic analysis for evaluating SEO campaigns
A Dynamic Solution for Dynamic URLs:Webmaster T discusses some techniques for optimizing dynamic sites. Using embedded database calls to remove parameters from URLs and a few tips on what to avoid if using querystrings in urls.
Google: New Algos or "SEO Filter"?:Google's recent changes are discussed by Webmaster T using several forum posts and input from IHY Mods to make sense of the new algo.

SEO Best Practices

Cloaking, SE Guidelines and SEO "the Real Deal":Webmaster T discusses cloaking and how Search engine guidelines, especially those on the SE site should apply differently to Seo Professionals than other users.
Cloaking : White Hat Seo vs the disciples of spam:Webmaster T joins the discussion on cloaking with some comments about cloaking and the White Hats and disciples of spam heated debate in the forums

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SEO Training Dojo w/theGypsy

 For less than the cost of a cuppa' coffee a day?
SEOdojo SEO Training As a certification and training committee member for SeoPros I found theGypsy's SEO Dojo has the best SEO patent library available. Not to mention the incredible peeps to learn with and from! 
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"What the mind of man can conceive and believe, It can achieve."

Napolean Hill ~ Think and Grow Rich

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search engine optimization articles
  Looking for something you've read in the past in the Blog area or T's qued for publishing. Check the search engine Webmaster T's optimization and SEO Blog archives. If it was on the cover you'll find it there.
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All the old search engine placement and web development articles are archived here.

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