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"Opinions are like asseholes, everyone has one, take from mine what you want and forget the rest of it!"
Da' Tmeister, Editor

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............. and the footprint grows

What the hell is a blog and how do I get in on it! Blogs have been around for years, they just weren't called blogs they were called a lot of things resources, references, communities. Modern day blogs have software that automates a lot of the maintenance. T's World was just a recording of the infamous Webmaster T's daily routine. He was reading a lot about search engine optimization and web development and sharing it by recording it on his website to share with others in the "community"............. and the footprint grows.

Low and behold people liked it! Whether they cared for some of the "commentary and grammar" is another story!;) Even got written up in a few books, not an e-book, but a real book or so he's been told by a few people. Ole' T was even highly regarded for a short time, but he comes and goes............. and the footprint grows.

As his net footprint grew he left the cozy confines of a local provider and T's World of Design was born. The site was moved, but he left the old one running, as a courtesy to the sites and authors that had linked to it as a reference............. and the footprint grows.

T's World was growing as he wrote more articles on optimization and web usability. Eventually there were 100 or so articles. Web development was an emerging industry and he began to actually make a few bucks plying his knowledge for bigger and bigger clients;) So, he just didn't have the time to maintain it. Some of the articles were on both sites, many were edited as the search engines changed their algos............. and the footprint grows.

T's World has basically fallen off the face of the earth as far as search engines are concerned. Probably because of either a script running on the old site that re-directed from the old site to this site (probably why Google killed it), they all dropped it because it had "partially" mirrored content (Google for sure, and any self respecting engine), other server problems related to virus activity, thus the site may have been down when the spiders came by. Partially mirrored is probably what enabled it to stay as long as it did (3 years, hence, my confusion)............. and the footprint grows.

Webmaster T's focus changed in 1997 when he entered a programming course. He now struggles along trying to apply his search engine optimization techniques to a programmatic solution for campaign management and 3rd party SEO evaluation. In the meantime SeoPros was born for the development of the software. He also founded the SeoPros Organization and provided some programming and authored a few articles on buying SEO services.

The Organization hopefully will some day be a consumer watch dog, and will support fully, any standards that the Industry or anyone without an agenda cares to set............. and the footprint grows.

Canadian Search Engine Marketing or CaSem was born out of his optimization consulting business, mainly financial analysts and sites with inhouse development. It is a tie in to the SeoPros directory and RFP system. Because the Organization can't recommend any one Member over another, he saw the need for a recommendation service and realized the software was a good way to evaluate SEO's performance based solely on monitoring of campaigns on an ongoing basis.............. and the footprint grows.

And now he sees the error of his ways! With a footprint spread over 5 sites (more since many of the spiders are running under another domain). Fragmented link popularity, a delisted site and others that would be hard pressed to get listed in ODP is the result. So what's this poor boy to do. He realizes he should evaluate the strategy and clean it up! Watch this page and the Ts World Archive to see how he cleans it up.............. and the footprint grows.

So going back to his roots, he's going to start recording what he reads, and of course, as his tradition, his comments and diatribes. To clean up the articles spread over five sites he's going to remove the mirrored articles. If you have linked to them they will have permanently moved response headers to let any engine knowing about them they have been moved permanently. The resources that were here will only be searchable, the old static pages of indexes eventually will only be on the original site............... and the footprint grows.

Blogs are in and they are the perfect way to fix this poor soul of a site. Of course T rolled his own publishing software and added a few customizations. Webmaster T will be making a note of all his posts and what he does everyday. He'll answers questions and be previewing some of the tools. Use them at your own risk................ and the footprint grows.

............... and the footprint grows.

............... see ya at the top!
Da' Tmeister, Editor

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search engine optimization articles
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