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I found each of your pages at to have a Google page rank of 5/10 indicating they are all listed in Google.
I wish people would not make assumptions about the Google toolbar. Using the advanced search on Google: as site and phrase returned 1 result, the one Gabor mentioned. As mentioned in the last I-search no other pages using that extension were found in the searches I did. I have seen the Google toolbar touted as indicating everything but where Osama bin Laden is presently located.

Not to discount entirely what it is said to indicate. I'm only making the point that the toolbar has a purpose. Anything beyond that purpose such as making SEO decisions requires more investigation to verify what is **indicated** by the toolbar. It could just be that a number of sites have linked to this good resource and that is what it is indicating.

Using the advanced features of a SE or a quick solution, Marketleap's, SE saturation tool are a good way to verify this. It requires a short amount of time to analyze the results below and see a problem. Unfortunately there are few sites to compare to get any compelling data. Perhaps Gabor would know of some competitors that I couldn't identify to include in the results.
From MarketLeap:
Google/AOL=2 (only 1 page, it could be adding the two for combined result)

This does seem to indicate that Gabor does have some sort of problem with Google. What that problem is specifically, only Google knows for sure. But clearly there is a problem which from what I have seen isn't "best practices" related.

So, I can only come to the conclusion that it is "extension" related, or Google doesn't care for something he is doing or has done that can't be seen in his code, architecture or backlinks. I agree with Detlev's comment in the last I-search for the most part engines will index anything that renders.

However, Google may be the exception. Not that it won't index them, just that quite possibly extensions that aren't widely known seem to discourage it from following links within the site. This could be behind the .aspx "rumor" and a host of others where file extensions are concerned. There are a lot of rogue programs out there Google is smart to follow a "no follow" rule, if it is in fact doing so.

The bottom line is, always investigate, no matter who is providing the info. This adds to your knowledge and you may someday get an advantage from something you pickup. Something that those following the herd and the self proclaimed "gurus" don't pickup because they are only following blindly and doing what someone else says to do, or, is doing.

There definitely is a herd mentality. If that "advice" is ill advised such as the "hallway" strategy, and hidden links that came about because of a certain newsletter a large portion of the industry gets led down a path that leads to nowhere, de-listing and the Industry getting a "suspect" reputation. Always look at where the info comes from and decide whether it is simply looking to sell more of its products or services or offering **commercial grade** information. In short, don't be a lemming, or watch that last step, it's a reaaaaaal doooozy.
That is my opinion, take from it what you will!;)

Bill, I didn't mean to single you out! Your advice gave me a chance to
make a point with a good illustration.:)

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