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October 19th, 2009, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Today is the launch of the SEO Dojo a community of SEO's, Social Media consultants, marketers and entrepreneurs. There are a number of like communities but after reading the testimonials and spending a few months I have to believe this community is unique.

David Harry, known as The Gypsy to many has put together a library of patents that is unparalleled. Tools knowledge base and forum are excellent resources. I think you will see a lot more additions to one of the best learning centers for SEO, Social media and web marketing in particular.

Over the years I've been a member of a few communities and there is always a pecking order. The Dojo has no mods and the members have a tremendous sense of community. I am new to the Social Media stuff and am green as grass. My nature is to market and it was getting in the way until my new friend in the Dojo Justin Parks a veteran Social Media Consultant took me aside on Skype and taught me more in a few minutes then I'd learned in months reading blogs and websites.

That is the way the Dojo community works. You don't have to ask often people will just offer to assist. The knowledge that is shared freely with none of the usual fears of competition and embarrassment if you're wrong is amazingly awesome. The encouragement to ask questions results in a mindset that the only stupid question is the one not asked. In the past if someone asked is it worth it to join these gated communities I'd of said no. Now I'd have no reservations recommending the SEO Dojo!

See Ya At The Top!

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SEOdojo SEO Training As a certification and training committee member for SeoPros I found theGypsy's SEO Dojo has the best SEO patent library available. Not to mention the incredible peeps to learn with and from! 
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