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Terry Van Horne, AKA Webmaster T, today announced on his personal website, T's Search Engine Optimization Blog that he has resigned as SeoPros site and Directory administrator. He will continue to act in that capacity on a Volunteer basis and trusts the Membership will respect his time and resources in the meantime.

Mr. Van Horne has decided to go in a new direction and leaves the Organization with, what he hopes, is a sound footing in which to develop as a professional Organization.

Mr. Van Horne has formed Canadian Search Engine Marketing to explore the possibility of SEO evaluation using search engine campaign data. He would like to thank all those who have supported the Organization and himself in the past and into the future.

Terry felt that as admin and the "perceived" figurehead it was no longer in his or the Organizations best interest for him to continue as administrator. He wishes to return to work in the SEO industry again and didn't want this new activity to taint him or the Organization.

It is his hope that the Organization will continue to be inclusive considering "big or small", and all skill levels within the industry who have a desire to see the profession be synonymous with professionalism.

It is his hope that his vision of education of those within the industry and the consumers of its services will continue to be seen as in the Industry's best interests and the prime mandate of the Organization.

Mr. Van Horne is confident the Membership and Volunteers of the Organization will move forward and will continue to maintain the directory, RFPgenerator and Offender List.

He is placing the domain, RFPGenerator and Offender List and all content provided by him in a trust for the Organization. Details of which will be released at a later date once an Executive Committee has been formed for Transfer to the "subscribed Membership" and "Participating Volunteers" as of February 21, 2003.

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