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Dirk, I detect a little bias in your post since much of what you do is now under scrutiny from Google. You sound like you think these pages with 100's of "reciprocated links" should be valued as highly as sites that actually take the time to categorize them carefully and embed them in content that is relevent. Sorry, IMO, directories of/and/or link pages aren't as good and don't take full advatage of the HUB factor. Most would not be included if they weren't reciprocated. In many cases these link pages are hidden from public view but made easy for spiders to find.

Google IMO, is returning PR to what it used to be, a measure of a page or sites importance not a measure of how well the site has been promoted. Of course this isn't very good for your business because link popularity from reciprocated links is being weighted differently. Notice I didn't say penalized! They aren't penalizing anyone, Google is simply weighting reciprocated links differently. Sites with lots of unreciprocated links don't suffer as much. I wonder if it has to do with the links being a "real vote" for the content rather than a "favour or scheme" for linking to a site.

When the first recommendation for higher positions is reciprocal links or when you promote reciprocal linking as an SEO strategy then it doesn't take the sharpest tool in the shed to figure out things would change, **they always do** and they finally appear to be addressing this scheme/issue. I for one will be very happy when it sinks in with people and I cease getting useless requests from sites only those running a "link scheme" would link to. Thank you, but I find my own content to link to and I couldn't care less if they were PR0 or if they link back because this is done for users not SEO!

Next, if Google would do the same with web design and SEOs linking to clients or vice versa they will have removed a lot of inflated link popularity and truly returned to PR being what it is supposed to be.

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