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It's not called scumware for nothing. If you're going to buy keywords, go with someone reputable like Overture. </snip>
Overture is using Gator "the king of scumware" in its inventory. Oh yes, that's real reputable? ROI on Overture should suffer as minimum bids double, again, and control over how and where your "ad" is displayed is effected by ad distributors decisions on affiliations. An ad distributor is only as effective as the affiliations or where and how the ad is displayed. I also wonder if it is a good idea to associate clients with a distributor that is in bed with "scumware".

It isn't called scumware for nothing. Gator has been known to cause many problems and if a clients ad is associated with a users computer being damaged or information lost I can't help but think this is a bad situation for the advertiser. They may not be **directly** responsible but the user may not be aware of that. They only remember that your ad was displayed.

The fact that Gator ads are in pop-under and pop-ups is another drain on ROI. Just how targeted can this traffic be? Contextual ads are the new kid on the block. IMHO, when you have no control over where and how ads are displayed you have effectively lost control of the campaign and ROI. When you start using more "ad distributors" other than Overture and AdWords you are running the risk of multiple listings in the SERPs at varying costs. Remember that there are many directories and niche search sites using DMOZ and 1 or more of these "ad distributors" or are using just ad distributors.

As to buying keywords in proprietary software I believe FindWhat has the exclusive rights to MSIE. I found this out in their recent press release announcing their move to the national NASDAQ system. The rest are dependent on software downloads and IMHO, scumware is making users very careful about what they download and install. RealNames was supported by both browsers at 1 time and they couldn't make it work. IMHO, this is a big scam and these companies will take your money and deliver little if any traffic before they go broke.

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