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<snip>Using clear gifs for tracking
Does this sound (1 like a good idea and 2) will it get us in trouble with the search engines? I know that back then the spammy old days clear gifs and text the same color as the background were used to stuff keywords. I want to make sure we are in the clear on this. Any thoughts out there?

The testing I would do is:
1. test to see if images turned off will affect tracking
2. test tracking for text only browsers (often Unix based)

Even if either is negative I wouldn't be too concerned since those settings and browsers aren't as prevalent as they were 4-5 yrs. ago. It would at least enable a guess at traffic skew.

If the pixel contains no data then there should be no problems with spam detection provided it isn't in a a href= anchor (invisible link), if it is then you are perhaps putting yourself at risk as all SE frown on this.

I say perhaps as I would assume any spam reported to an engine should allow this since it isn't an attempt to inflate relevancy. It would still result in an interruption of possibly a few months but you would I assume get back into the index at some point.

I am guessing the tracking gif is called from the other server so you may get a lag on page rendering. I would definitely put it at the bottom of the page so it wouldn't slow the loading of the pages. If you have any on load statements and there is a lag these would be negatively affected as well.

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