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Let me ask you all this? How many of you look for qualified pages and site to link to? I have made more money by linking to other sites and promoting my sites than I have with trying to figure what strategy is best this week, hoping it will not change next week. I am almost of the opinion that this is a better way to go.

Often, that is the secret to educating yourself on many topics. Read lots of material and assess the value of the material. I use my personal site as a personal bookmark that way when I want material I can easily find it.

To some degree you make a good point, but, the bottom line is that SE are just one of many ways to promote a site. Promotion shouldn't be search engine centric. Promotion should include all the tools at your disposal. Those would include newsletter publishing, regular content additions and updates, reciprocal links and a host of other techniques.

Having said that, in the 8-9 years I've been online I've tried everything that isn't spam at least once. I access the effort put in and the results that effort achieved. I do not chase placement by using trickery to achieve positions. Sound design and development techniques provide long term gain with little effort.

I would say the results that I get from search engine optimization are 100X more effective than any other strategy I've used. Especially when you equate value as effort output to results achieved. I now put little or no effort into achieving positions. I design a site and let the chips fall where they may. I may need to tweak a title occasionally for better ranking on secondary terms but that is the extent of it.

If need be I will add new content targeted by keyword research I've done. Better that, than trying tricks to make it work. I have increased visibility by adding another page to the site, if I link to the earlier related article than to some degree if the new article gets linked to then I have increased relevancy on the old page as well. By adding the new content I achieved more than if I'd tried some trick that may or may not get the site de-listed. It took more time and effort but the result, depending on content quality, will be greater in the long term.

Content is the key to all success. I no longer need to do reciprocal link development because good content attracts good links. High rankings provides visibility from the "community" and other related content. Good content attracts links. The better the content the higher the quality or value of the link to your site.

Reciprocal links IMHO, are a trade off, any link you get you have drained some of its value with the link to their page. If that page is of lower quality then you have probably lost more than you stood to gain.

Contrary to popular belief there are no tricks to optimizing sites. Tricks provide short term placement, search engine friendly design and good keywords research are the keys to success if you want to stay in the SERPs with little maintenance.

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