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My question is, is it necessary for me to resubmit to the engines on a monthly basis to maintain my listing?

That would depend. If you have used a program or service to submit to 300,000 search engines, yes, you are being sold or have bought a bad "bill of goods".

99.99*% require monthly re-submission because they aren't search engines they are FFA menaces. These can hurt your rankings on some engines as they are frequently being used for other nefarious activity. Don't waste your time or money. They will provide little if any traffic. Traffic which they do send is of lower quality then the major engines in that they are frequently less likely to fulfill your goals for conversion of the they don't buy!

Any SE that is worth submitting to does not require monthly submission. There are three reasons to resubmit or submit:

1. You have updated or edited the content
2. The search engine has **lost** your listing
3. New content

Resubmitting edited or updated pages probably isn't even required for all of the majors. Google, AlltheWeb, Inktomi/Yahoo! regularly "index" your site. Rather than paying a service monthly to do it, or worse wasting "your valuable time" Inclusion programs are possibly cheaper, much friendlier to the SE, and provide better results than re-submitting.

Resubmitting the page monthly it may be qued for over a month, so the SE may look in the que and see all the pages and decide you are a spammer. Remember, it can take 4-6 weeks for many of them to even get to the page submitted the month before. So it could possibly get you de-listed. Inclusion programs **guarantee** indexing the pages in the program and more frequently than a month.

For new content it is possible to "induce" indexing by using link architecture on your site. It is a good idea when you develop your site to create an *indexing page" for this purpose. Some use pseudo site maps, IMHO these are often ignored by engines
and seen for what their purpose is. Creating an "indexing page" for each of the main areas or topics of the site is more effective.

Use your "indexing page" to do the same thing as the site map. However, instead of just a link put a comment about what it is about and definitely use a few keywords in the link. Each of the "indexing pages" should be linked to from the entry page to your site. This will in my experience provide faster indexing, increased SE visibility and the big bonus excellent navigation and better "user experience". It will also provide an easy way for the SE to figure out your "theme" or what your site is about.

Whether the links to that new content are picked up in Inclusion and added to the regular refresh indexing would be a good question to ask a rep selling it. Google will almost always do this. It may take it a while to hit the main index but it should after 2 months. Many of the others will also but it may take longer depending on the refresh period and like google how they add the refreshed index to the main index.

Inclusion did allow, not sure now, changing the urls that are indexed. Once again I'm not positive if removing them affects the refresh indexing, if removing them from the program means they are not going to be found then replace pages that aren't placing well. Roll out your Inclusion program slowly using the regular indexing to access the editing of pages and optimization of new content. Your goal is to have the pages that do well in the regular indexing. IMHO, the rest don't matter if submitted or not;)

Many submission services offering regular submission exploit an SEO myth that fresher pages (regular submission) improves rank. False, it is myth, based on 5 yr. old information about an engine that doesn't even exist any longer (Infoseek, was a crawler, don't know what to call it now, parking space?;). So even if it's $60, spend your money on Inclusion it will be more effective then anything any service will provide. Best of all you remove the risk of delisting for spamming.

I hope this helps and good luck with your site!

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