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Search Engine Placement Articles

This page of references and resources provides free search engine secrets to submit, monitor and improve your search engine placements or positions.

We've added tips for search engine submissions and noted sites and software to monitor your search engine positions. These are just as important as the design of the site. Use the links below to find the exact topic you wish to explore to increase visibility and traffic to a web site.

This all started with a simple article called Webmaster's and Search Engines: A Love Hate Relationship I was searching for pegasus and was having such a hard time I just had to know how search engine placement, positions, ratings or rankings, take your pick, were decided!

All the resources and references for the tips and tutorials to increase traffic and visibility are linked  by topic in the header and T's tutorials are linked below.

Webmaster T's Search Engine Secrets and Tutorials

Tips for Good Search Engine Ratings and Placement
Much of the information is from the search engine placement articles listed under useful placement articles. This article condenses much of the information into this article by Webmaster T.

Search Engine Submission Tips
Webmaster T has put together some tips for preparing to submit your web site or web sites to search engines and directories.

A Strategy to Improve Rankings or Placement at Specific Search Engines Webmaster T discusses his strategy to raise his rankings at specific search engines.

A Strategy for Finding Quality Reciprocal Links
Included in this article is a tutorial by Jim Wilson webmaster at Virtual Promote on how to use search engines to find quality reciprocal links. Although it is primarily a web site promotion tutorial it is included here because it can be used in conjunction with the article above to save you some research time.

Search Engine Reference Page
The table of importance will demonstrate where to concentrate your efforts to raise placement. The 12 main search engines are now on the promote site in the Mega List. The nested table was a real live wire and made managing the page a chore.

WebPosition Agent
You'll see lots of links to the shareware download of this fine product. Webmaster T's has been putting this through the grinder and you can read the review and decide for your self. For those that qualify there is a free report you can get with the product.

Webmaster T has also written a report on how to use WebPosition effectively. He details what he believes to be one of the best strategies he has come up with so far for finding reciprocal links!! It's only available when you download WebPosition shareware from the new dealership he has set up.

We have updated the Placement Managers evaluations. Pay close attention to did-it, unless you are a lover of e-mail (wanted or otherwise). I strongly suggest you check this out before you use this service for anything. Free lunches sometimes are known to cause indigestion.

Search Engine Secrets or Position Secrets? What Secrets?
For those of you who have used the methods in the previous articles this is a refining of the method and update to the articles.  All of the major engines are included.

Updating this information is big job so I'll be continuing this in the newsletter. The reason is they change so often that it is more useful to have a section in the newsletter devoted to search engine info.

Spamdexers Page of Shame Webmaster T's personal contribution to stopping spamming of search engines. Any particular parties upsetting you? Report them and T will put them on the page and report them to the engine and their clients! Remember if you can't see it on the page IT'S SPAM!

Meta Tag Tutorial
This is some times referred to as the meat tags page due to a few spelling errors and my reliance on spell checkers.;). 

I did manage to demonstrate a banner rotation method in a frame using a looped meta refresh. Several other other meta tags are explained and demonstrated as well.

Meta Tag TutoriaI Pt.II
Webmaster T passes on a few tips and some tool suggestions for easy writing of killer meta tags.


Gateway Pages  There has been a lot of talk about "Gateway Pages" so Webmaster T did a little tutorial about them. These are an excellent way to get the most  out of updates to your site.


Reference Page The latest information on search engine traffic and lead times for listings.

Coming Soon

Webmaster T is also looking into adding a forum to this page so he can answer some questions as he has time.

Useful Search Engine Placement Articles

The sites in this list were primary sources of information for my overview of search engine placement and are excellent resources if you want to explore this further.
Search Engine Watch.Com Formerly known as The Webmasters Guide to Search Engines. Loads of links and good explanations of how search engines work and how to use them. The old site is still up but this one is much easier to navigate for specific information. Mr Rhodes has updated his pages and they are an excellent resource for search engine placement information.
Search Engine Tutorial Great tutorial and information on how webmasters can raise positions at the various search engines.
Search Engines This is the best overall article that I have found on the net. It covers everything from how to query for the best results to how to get the best placement for your listing. Very useful for researchers and web promotion.
Cnet A good article on searching for and how to improve search engine positions or ratings.
Inc.Com Another article from the online version of the zine. Good how to promote article featuring information on search engine placement.
Spiders Apprentice Never too much information on this topic. You'll find a little information on each of the major search engines here.

Choosing Search Engine Keywords A great tutorial for picking your keywords using the top ten in your
200 Top Searched Words at Yahoo A great list of words to check out for promotion purposes. Get this #1 was sex and Pamela Anderson was #12 does that tell you anything!!!!
John Labovitz's List of E-zines John lists the top 80 keywords used for searching his list of zines. If you have a zine or publish articles this is a good resource.

Meta Tags This is the first addition to this index in over a year!!This site has tools to do almost every possible check and improve your search engine positions.
Meta Medic Use this resource to check to be sure your meta tags are being fully utilized and fall within the safe repetition of keywords.
Virtual Promote A good tutorial on meta tag and title use for a good search engine placement.
Make Meta Tags I wasn't sure where to put this in the tools or here as you see I chose this category. Beginners not sure of these should utilize this until they have them down pat. Better this than nothing!
Spiders and Meta tags More info on this important subject.
Stars.Com An article on meta tags giving who and how answers to how they are used by the engines to index a site.


General Search Engine Information

Webcrawler A faq on robots which has information on how they work and how to exclude parts of your site from them.
robot.txt file   Information on using this file on  server to protect parts of your site from being indexed.

Ranking and Placement Managers

I have evaluated these services and strongly recommend you read the evaluations before proceeding further.
WebPosition Agent A shareware program that manages placement and generates reports which are the best bar none. Read T's review of this product it is a real eye opener if you take promotion seriously.
Did-it You can check your ranking here or they'll mail you monthly with a list of search engines to let you know if you're still listed. Service is free if you place an icon on your site.
Position Agent Mails you monthly to let you know your ranking on a number of engines. There is a good resource for placement information however they're all here somewhere.
Rank This Improved but still not top of the heap by any means since your choice of keywords is limited. Excellent resource for promotion info with good results from placement checker. The report is mailed to you and is similar to WebPosition Agent without the versatility, trend or alert reports.

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