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"Increase Traffic to your Web Site"

Where's the Most Traffic Coming From?

Where's the traffic coming from? Excite, Yahoo, Lycos, InfoSeek and AltaVista listings are a good start. Increasing traffic to your web site is easier when you know which search engines get the most traffic. Promote your site using the free information the pros use. I have attempted to rank the search engines and directories using affiliations and the status of the search engines at each site . This will be a key to ascertain which of the search engines will improve traffic to your web site the most.

Atlanta-based RelevantKnowledge announced the results of a Study September 24/97 which monitored and estimated the usage patterns of Web users at home, at work and at college. RelevantKnowledge claims the study is far more accurate than previous studies since it monitored usage in all three demographic areas.

The 20 most accessed sites in order are:

Rank Site Unique Visitors Data Base Accessed
1. Yahoo! 14,822,302**
2. Microsoft 12,012,202
3. Netscape 10,824,802
4. America Online 8,251,103 Excite
5. Infoseek 7,946,467**
6. Excite 7,597,988**
7. Geocities 7,127,869 Lycos (web only)
8. MSN 6,170,267
9. Lycos 4,883,459**
10. AltaVista 4,657,826**
11. CNET 3,976,232
12. ZDNet 3,521,996
13. Webcrawler 3,233,339**
14. RealAudio 2,260,248
15. Four11 2,202,307
16. Pathfinder 2,129,904
17. Hotmail 1,936,296
18. ESPN 1,931,467
19. Tripod 1,754,563
20. Compuserve 1,720,862

** The double asterisks were used to identify the search engines in the top 20 list.

Search Engine Importance Summary

Excite's dbase is used by AOL Netfind and the site isn't visited which means the Excite DBase access by AOL may make the numbers not quite representative of Excite's value. If you aren't ranked high here I suggest you devote half your time for raising placement to this search engine! One real wild card is channels and Excite's affiliation with PointCast. If push takes off they'll be sittin' pretty as PointCast seem to have the most talked about technology.

T had been trying to figure out a formula that takes into account the search pages on Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer but decided since they actually send you to the site the numbers are being reflected in traffic reports.

Lead Times for Listings At the Major Search Engines

Yahoo!: Currently listing sites within six to eight weeks; you can achieve faster service through their Priority Submission service.

AltaVista: They are indexing within approximately two days,

Infoseek: I found that their live indexer works well. You can see your new listing immediately. *Note* They are no longer crawling whole sites so if you want them all listed submit them all. They have also really changed the way way they are doing things so I would suggest you have a long look at the placements on this site.  Last I checked they weren't taking submissions on the weekends supposedly for maintenance

Excite: 10-14 days

Lycos: Indexing at Lycos is still sporadic, running anywhere from eleven days to 4-6 weeks. This depends which source you check I found three totally different delays so this is only a consensus.

WebCrawler: Listing is effective in about 2 weeks.

HotBot: Listing is effective in about 2 weeks.

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