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Developers References, Resources and Tools For Webmasters

The Site Developers Tool Box is full of references, resources and information for Internet Integration and Marketing.

Lots of tips to improve Search Engine Positions or Placements and Web Site Promotion, Design and Development.

This page is designed to act as a jump point to resources and information of interest to site developers, marketers and promoters. All topics are reviewed links to enable you to find information and resources quickly and easily.

In the Developer's Tool Box you'll find all the tools and free doo dadds needed to build and get a site ready for publication. We have also included some internet law and general contract information, but,  if this is important, consider seeking professionals!

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Website Promotion

Search Engine Placement


Style and Content Tutorials

Email Resources and References

Jump Station 2: Indexes and Topics with Comments

Marketing Resources
The Marketing site has general business and marketing specific information. You will also find our monthly Marketing Tips or article which quite often come from our sponsors IWB.

Marketing Information
Working this information into your design plans will help you on your way to a successful site.

General Business Information
General business news and information links.

Links to demographic information.

Web Site promotion
This will make or break your site. All these salesman saying build it and they will come are living in the outer galaxy!!

In the promotion area we list plenty of resources for promoting your site.

Promotion to be effective should be an ongoing activity and we supply resources and articles for implementing and carrying out a strategy for increasing traffic to your site

Search Engines and Directories
Another promotion area is our Search Engine Information site.

You'll find up to date tips for search engine placement and submission. We felt this was so important that we devoted a site to it.

You'll find a number of articles on everything from meta tags to good techniques for searching for information. Developers will be especially interested in the articles on getting high ratings for their pages.

Promotion Firms
A long list of firms offering different services at various prices.

Listing Services
Check this list out!! Some offer a free basic service. I prefer to do it myself because I have found that this gets better results and is easier to track.

Site Rating Registries
We strongly suggest getting a rating for commercial sites irregardless of your personal beliefs.

Web Rings
A recent addition to Internet promotion.

Press Releases
Often overlooked for site promotion.

Email Resources and References
Email references and resources for marketing and promoting your web site, products or services.

Law and Contracts

lawgirl.com The only site on this subject that didn't put me to sleep! A tutorial that walks you through the copyright procedure (US International to come) step by step with links to the appropriate form for your type of copyright. This is the first site to win "Most Favored Status" that isn't strictly a resource or reference site. The site is way too rad to be a law site.
Ivan Hoffman Attorney at Law Ivan has written some informative articles on contracts, copyright and other information useful to web publishers and authors. A definite must all developers!!
Brad Templeton Brad has written two good articles. One on copyright and one on copyright myths. Both are very useful.
Thomson and Thomson References for trademarks and other related information.
Brint.Com Lots of information on intellectual property and cyber-publishing law.
HWG Legal Document Archive There are a couple of sample contracts and some information on Digital Copyright.
EFF Intellectual Property and Copyright A large number of articles on intellectual property and copyrights.
Gareth's Contract A member of a list I receive posted this contract for developers to use.
Geoffrey Gussi A law student provides Website Development Agreements.
Cyberlaw.Com An article on the new names for domains and some info on how the disputes will be handled and by whom.
Provider.Com This is the best site for web design contracts that I have seen, if you know a better one drop me a line.
Digital Demographics A couple of articles here on contracts and global top level domain dispute resolution policies.
HK Law.Com A good article for merchants putting a site up on their own without professional help.

Jump Station 3:Developers Tool Box and Test Bed

All of these resources are for page development and checking to be sure the page is optimized for browsing by all browsers, platforms and resolutions. The e-zine list is specifically for site developers and are the ones I find most beneficial.

Free Validation Services on the Net

Website Garage is an excellent tool for checking your HTML, spelling, load and links to your site (Infoseek only). I've checked out a number of these types of tools and for usability this is by far the best for ease of use and correcting the errors. If you keep your editor set at always on top and resized you can make corrections fast and accurately. The server load feature seems more accurate then some I've used.

Web Site Garage

Tune Up Your Web Site Free:

Net Mechanic Net mechanics robot will search your site and inform you of broken links, bad HTML tags and rate your servers response time. Their service will run in the background and e-mail the results to you when their robot is finished!! The email feature makes it one of the best free link checkers available, especially for a large site.
Doctor HTML The doctor is a great place to do several things at once and get an idea of how your page will load. Site can also be used to identify broken links!!.
Web Monster.Net This page enables you to check your page in different monitor sizes which is real handy if you want to test a page that you have done something like the magic border on.

Browser Information and Simulation

BrowserCaps This site has lots of information on what browsers are supporting.
Browser.Com A site for downloads and tips about different browsers. Subscribe to the newsletter it's a great way to stay on top of browser releases and developers tips.
Window Size This page enables you to check your page at different window sizes or gives you an idea how your page looks in different monitor sizes.
Browser Watch Browser statistics and information.
NavRoad Offline Browser Great for showing work to a client or for quickly browsing a number of sites offline.
Webmonkey Browser Kit Information on what different browsers support.
Bobby This site enables you to check your site for compatibility to several browsers, gives load times and checks your page for access by blind netizens. By far the best page I have found for testing pages in several browsers!!!
Web Page Backward Compatability Viewer Excellent for checking what a page looks like in older browsers.
Free Loader The best of the offline site browsers and to boot it's freeware.
Web Whacker An offline browser that I have heard good things about. It's not free but....
Spyglass Free download of this offline validator is a good idea. There is information on document types too.

Other Tools to Check and Maintain Your Site

FreeCode.com FreeCode has lots of free source code for some neat apps for maintaining and building web sites.
Doctor HTML My favorite spell checker it is really easy to follow.
Golden Dome Productions Free web based tools includes a spell checker, a form that calculates download times, a form to check domain name availability and an Internic.net who is lookup.
O'Reily Dictionary Of PC and Data Communications Terms I have found this to be invaluable because as you go through some of the materials the terminology is sometimes confusing.

Graphics Checking, Reducing File Size and Color Conversion Charts

Shoestring Dicer A great little app that slices and dices an image and produces html code that you use to put it back together on the page creating seamless images. Works great and the price is right, it's freeware!
GifWizard Use this online service to check your images for file size and reducing the monsters.
Sapphyr.com A great chart of the 256 browser colors with values. The next is the only truly safe palette.
ColorMaker Great for checking the colors when using a tiled image for a background.
Phoenix.net A list of colors with their respective rgb code very useful for choosing colors.
Iowa University Karla Tonella has compiled this non-dithering color chart for RGB and HEX.


John Labovitz's E-zine List Jim Wilson passed this one along in the Virtual Promote Gazette and suggested that marketers and promoters that don't watch these and their competitors sites is missing the boat on loads of useful information. As usual he's right on!!
Web Techniques An e-zine covering different aspects of web site design.
ZD Net Another of my favorites sign up for Team Anchordesk and get all the headlines from the mag in your mailbox.
Cnet One of my favorites! I suggest getting the headlines from their e-mail service, saves a lot of time.
Webmaster Magazine Lots of good stuff.
Java World An excellent zine on java and is another that you can get the headlines sent to you by e-mail.
Net Profit An e-zine dedicated to marketing.
iWorld Magazine Great online magazine. Internet headlines and related articles.
ZD Internet Magazine Both paper and online versions are excellent sources of information.
Net Revenue An e-zine published by Bruce Gabrielle featuring articles on marketing at successful web sites!

Resources for Free Web Page Doo-Dadds

Netscape World Article on password protecting.
Analog This is a free log analysis program that is as good or better then any of the shareware programs available. It is usable on all platforms as well.
Free Form.Com Great site that generates a free form for you that doesn't require access to cgi.
markwelch.com Largest list of free counters and web trackers I have seen anywhere.
Zunas' Free Stuff Loads of free doo-dadds and some good worthwhile stuff.
NetMind A long list of freebies available on the net. Not exactly doo-dadds but stuff like free fax services, e-mail re-mailer which is totally anonymous and can't be traced. Great for posts to Usenet groups.
CGI Free A free HTML and CGI editor, some free scripts.
Para chat You can add chat to your web page using this script only drawback is it only runs on java enabled browsers. No server required or special programs  to download.
Excite You can get a search feature here if you have full access to your server. It's free too!!!
Avenue Search A free search engine all you have to do is add some code and a little ad.

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