Web Site Promotion: An Ongoing Strategy

Announce Sites

These are a few spots that handle announcements of sites. I would suggest getting yourself prepared first before announcing your site.  For more info on how to prepare for submissions  go to the Submission Tips article.

What's New And Announce Pages
Contact Date Results Comments
comp.infosystems.www.announce 6/11/97 Posted No corporate or advertising allowed here. Shareware is allowed if under $30
E-zine List 6/3/97 submitted John has ceased maintaining the list however it still is a good resource. You just can't submit to it.
alt.zines 6/3/97 posted zine and writers newsgroup no noticeable increase in traffic
Add Me 6/11/97 submitted Multi Submit to 33 engines. Not much to see and could cause spam problems at major engines you have already submitted to.
NetPost N/A N/A Best in the biz at web site announcing, however, Eric restricts himself to high end or large promotions of sites and events.
New Page List N/A N/A A daily email of good resources   It also publishes sites not on the list on two other sites.
Submit it N/A N/A I used the free service for a client and found that it only registered to about 60% of the sites I submitted to. If your going to use a free service I would not use this one.
NetCreations N/A N/A Plenty of services for sale here but that's about it. If you like getting product bulletins their optin mail service is pretty good. If your looking for targeted optin email lists this is a good place to start.
CLICKABLES - Free Internet Announcement Service N/A N/A Email Announce Newsletter.  Sporadic publishing but site may be updated more often.
Really Useful Sites     Published regularly with a few sites in the same categories.  Useful for finding research information as well as they look for sites giving good info or resources. Be sure your site is a reference.

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