Web Site Promotion: An Ongoing Strategy

Track It!! Other Search Engines & Directories
To promote and Announce your site

This is one of the fastest moving areas of this site. Originally it had over 20 listings after the edit there were only 4 left before we added some new sites. Some of these are powerful directories used by other engines. I would suggest getting yourself prepared first before announcing your site.  For more info on how to prepare for submissions  go to the Submission Tips article.  To announce and promote a web site to increase traffic try the promotion index.

As far as announcing your site I would stop once you have finished these.  You may want to find some directories specifically meant for your industry. Other then that and using the free broadcast sites on the announce list or submission software your time is better spent on finding reciprocal links or using some of the other promotion strategies suggested in the promotion index.

Other Search Engines and Directories
Contact Date Confirm Date Passwords or id Re-submit Date Placement Comments
ODP - - - - -

This one is essential as it provides listings for a few of the top engines including Lycos and HotBot to name but a few

LookSmart - - - - - Updated:
LookSmart is a directory and reviewer of sites much like Yahoo. It is being used by AltaVista, Excite, MSN, CNN and others so it should be a good place to get listed.
Magellan - - - - - Updated:
Bought some time ago by Excite. Note it has been changed to a sort of directory. Excites submission url  now seems to be taking info that is more directory oriented. perhaps this is part of a directory strategy being initiated by Excite or submissions to excite are added here as well.
What Useek 6/21 - 6/21 submit - Add within 24 hrs.
Jayde Online 6/24 - 6/24 submit - Site is growing fast and has a considerable amount of traffic. Check out the awards they provide as well.

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