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Promote Your Web site at These Award Sites to Increase Traffic

These Cool Site and Award Sites will increase traffic to your web site. Be careful though they are tough to win if they are worth it. Some are just advertising for the site they come from so be selective and use your time wisely. 

Awards Multi-Submit Services:

Award-it: I was a member here, however, I'm not sure of its status. I haven't received mail from them for quite some time. Enquiries resulted in no response. If you know the status here for sure contact us.
selfpromotion.com: Robert Woodheads' excellent site. Promotion tools built by people who use them daily are the best around. Robert has done an excellent job. His awards submitter is the best of the bunch. No off topic submissions are its best feature. If you have an award definitely check it out! The information on the site is excellent as well.

Cool Site Awards
Contact Date Results Comments
2 Ask Nominate a Site 6/24 submitted Removed
At the bottom of the page is a bunch of spamdex. In the upper right corner a link to a search engine report. "you do the math" is it worth it.
Web 100 6/24 submit Get listed here and you're in some pretty heady company.
100 Hot Sites 6/24 submit Tough one to win but looks like a good site
AAA Cool Site of The Week 6/14 submit Cool site of the week, 2000 visits a day so if you win it could help considerably. 
Best Marketing Site -   This is an Award for marketing Excellence on a web site I'll submit here ounce I start marketing products.  There is also one of the most comprehensive lists of awards available on the net to submit to.
Best of The Internet 6/14 submit Another best of site.
BotSpot of The Week - - Cool Site of the week award for bots. if you're not a bot don't bother this sites pages take forever to load!
Critical Mass Award 6/24 submit Several best of categories.
DR Webster's 6/24 submit

Lots of categories.

Fun Site of The Day 6/14 submit

Site of the day

InFInet Cool Site of the Day 6/24 submit

No real form to fill out just use the contact link. This is a great site with great imaginative articles.

Gold Diamond Award 6/24 submit

Site is growing fast and the award seems to be popping up on some good sites.  I recently won this one as well.  It is also a search directory that is pretty popular so it does help there as well.

Internet Professional Publishers Assn. - - If you want to see some good design check out this site! Very tough criteria and must be a commerce site.
LA Times Daily Pick 6/14 submit Winning this one would supply lots of pop on your counter.
NetAtomic Super Hotsites 6/25 submit Site of the month award.
NetGuide Daily Grid Pick 6/14 submit

Daily Site Award

PC Magazine's Site of The Day 6/14 submit Good one to win as this site gets considerable traffic
Medaille d'or Award 6/24 submit Looking for original content.  I recently won this award but didn't see any big increase but it seems to be gaining in popularity we'll see.
Pick Of The Best 6/14 submit Best of net
USA Today 6/24 submit USA Today site, If you win it will bring lots of traffic.
Web-Presence of the Day 6/14 Submit

Another good one.

WebRating Top 5 Sites of The Week 6/14 submit They rate your site 1-5
What's New page at Yahoo! 6/14 submitted This is guaranteed traffic if you can win!
What's Hot What's Not 6/14 submit cool site award
What's New On the Internet Chartshow 6/11/97 submitted Award or cool site
Windows Magazine Hot Spots of the Day 6/14 submit Part of Microsoft site so it would be a good one for traffic.
Yahoo!Pick of the week - - Later

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